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ChopsG'day and Welcome to Chops's Place, a website to share mine and other great contributors photos, stories, adventures, events and other top gear, and at the same time we do our best to promote and support the Motorcycle, Hot Rod & Kustom Kulture Community Here (AUS) and also Overseas.

I hope you enjoy everything that "Chops's Place" has to offer and I especially hope you continue to revisit.!?  Regards, Jamie (Chops) Day

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05/05/14 - Gallery - Garterbelts & Gasoline
30/04/14 - Update - Events & Noticeboard
09/03/14 - Gallery - VV-VMC Bike & Rod Show
25/11/13 - Gallery - MRAQ Freedom Ride
15/10/13 - Gallery - Harry's Bike Show
23/08/13 - Gallery - Laverda Concours
18/08/13 - Gallery - Greazefest
27/05/13 - Gallery - Ray Owen Classic
26/04/13 - Gallery - Caboolture Show
26/04/13 - Gallery - OWMC Poker Run
26/04/13 - Gallery - Thunderbolt Show
26/04/13 - Gallery - Dirty Love Show 2013

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Jun 7, 2014
A Snappy Video by the crew at Showclass of the BF6 People Champ contestants. Read More >>

Jun 5, 2014
Straightface Studios releases it's first in a series of short documentary stories. Take a ride with Dave Roper and check out this vintage motorcycle… Read More >>

May 31, 2014
A Beastwood Film, Filmed & edited by Dirk Behlau, Kustom Kulture Forever Show 2014, Germany, Client:… Read More >>

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