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I was fortunate enough to catch up with Chops at the Patriots Moreton Bay club rooms a couple of weeks ago. He was showcasing some of the many high quality products that are available through the Chops's Place Online Store; caps, t-shirts, stickers, patches etc. a veritable smorgasbord of goodies for the discerning biker or hot rod enthusiast. (Review By a contributor).

My good woman decided to buy me one of the many DVDs that the online store ( has to offer; Choppertown: The Sinners.

The Sinners are an exclusive group of enthusiasts over in the US of A who are firmly stuck in a time warp of the late 50’s, early 60’s. Their bikes, cars and lifestyle are as beatnik as it gets. The bike that they build in this DVD is shear “Old Skool” bliss as the group gets together to resurrect many of the pre-loved components, whilst other parts are sourced from fellow members and friends of the Sinners.

During the build we get to meet the members, their family and friends as they drink, party and generally hang out together with the common goal of keeping the rock ’n’ roll dream alive and restore a slice of yesteryear that the younger generations never knew existed.

This is the sort of movie that you watch and then want to head straight down to the shed and start building a chopper!

The only part that didn’t sit real well with me was the way Rico, the Sinners head honcho, greeted his fellow members. A hand shake and a hug are common amongst the biker fraternity, but Rico takes it a step further and.. well..get the DVD and judge for yourself!?!

I thoroughly recommend you grab a copy of Choppertown or one of the many other related quality DVDs from Chops's Place Online Store for an insight to the world of this underground subculture.

I walked away from it with a smile and you will too.


Check it out in "CP's Online Store" -

Check it out in "CP's Online Store" -

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