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Back in early August the lads from Hunter Motorcycles asked if I would be interested in giving one of their jackets a test run.  Sounded good to me!!!

The jacket is a new product that is exclusive to Hunter.  It’s proudly Australian made so a great way to support our industry.  Based on the old Levis 501 jacket design, the jacket is constructed from Heavy Duty Dri-Tec™ Oilskin and is fully lined with a soft genuine leather inner collar and cuffs, with two chest, two side and inner wallet and "stash" pockets and elbow padding. It’s being marketed as “Aussie tough as nails & cooler in summer then leather”. The jacket retails at around $175 and can be purchased from the Hunter website or any Hunter Dealer (whom can be located via the Hunter Website).

Right, the review – well, here I go.

I own two 501 jackets, one black and one blue.  I’ve had them for close on 30 years so at first I thought - an Oilskin 501, why would you??  Well, that was answered in early September when the jacket arrived in the mail and I cracked it open and tried her on!

It looks great, the construction is perfect, the colour is black with the suede leather collar and inner cuffs which look trick, and padded elbows to protect you on the day that you never want to come along - the big off!?

The sizing was good but unfortunately I'm one of those ‘Monkey Arm Length’ kind of guys ie: an XL will fit me, but when I stretch out on the bike I really need the arm length of an XXL or XXXL, which in turn results in me wearing baggy looking jackets and jumpers.  I went for a XXL this time round and it was a good fit.. in both the body and arm length when riding..!

I've worn the jacket now through a mixed up Queensland spring – cold, hot and very wet, which in turn meant I was able to give the jacket a really good run.  And now with it being summer, I get to test another phase - extreme heat and humidity.

In the cold well she works a treat, blocking wind 99.9%.  Now I'm not sure how it's possible as the jacket only buttons up at the front (no zipper), but hey, it works.  But then again I haven't done any massive speeds to truly test it!!! (Max Speed around a dollar twenty or so)

The ‘water’ test, well, all I can tell you is that’ I’ve been stuck in plenty of Downpours, especially coming home from work.  As you'll see in the photos, for a jacket that could appear to be more show than go, this baby works.  I’ve completed a fair few runs in extreme wet, especially riding in peak hour traffic doing 80 or 90 clicks.  As you can see in the photos, I’ve arrived home and taken some shots to show you how heavy the down fall was, as well as photos of my T-Shirt and other clothing  which was bone dry (I also had dry rider pants on)!!! How good is that!? You can’t get a much better test then that!?

In summer I'm not a bloke who likes to ride with much on.  A T-shirt or light Kustom shirt at best.  But on a recent run interstate I thought I better give her a good test and whilst it can get steamy when you’re standing still, it's nothing like wearing a leather made product.  I didn't feel the need to rush and strip off like I would if I was wearing a leather jacket!

Now back to the Pockets!  I haven’t used the two top front ones but I have used the two side ones for keeping my hands warm or relaxed!  I’ve also used the “Stash” pocket for my iPod, glasses and other gear and I’ve got to say it’s very handy and much protected!  I’ve also used the Zipper pocket for a few select items which I didn’t want to lose along the way and it’s a damn handy thing to have, especially with the security of the zipper!

So what is it?  A wet weather jacket, a dress jacket, a bike jacket?  Well, I guess it’s a good bit of each, all in one ! It certainly did/does the job for me..!!!

Click here to view a gallery of photos that I've taken whilst testing the product..!!!!

To check out more great Hunter bikes, parts and apparel, head over to

Right... that’s this review done.  Now, if the lads at Hunter would like me to do a review on one of those ‘Bobber’ Bikes of theirs... I’m all in for that as well....!!!

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