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A Day At The Dust Hustle 2015

It was on again this year the Aussie equivalent to Dirt Quake UK or USA in the states that’s right the Ellaspede Dust Hustle,this is the second year it’s been held, by the looks, it is growing on the people, as there was many more there this year.....

Things have been hectic in one’s life of late, so it wasn’t until late Friday arvo it was decided for me to make some time to attend this event, so messaged a mate with a what ya up to Saturday and the answer I got from him was, &%#@ working , hey it happens to us all. So messaged  another Buddy with the same question, he came back with, yep he was going but didn’t know when he was leaving, so I just said let me know and we can ride out together as I wasn’t in any rush, like I said it was just one of those days.

Well it all comes together and I met up with him at around 11.30ish and we got on our way. He was riding a loner which was rather low on fuel, well it was reserve low, so after some spluttering, we called into the servo and he fueled her up then we were right. Wasn’t long and we were over the Gateway bridge and ten minutes later we were riding in through the front gate of the event, which is held at the North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club.

The event is free for onlookers; the racers pay a small fee to partake in the action and the excitement on the track. All you need is a bike and the intestinal fortitude to have a go at this flat track sliding capper. The bikes and participants are all shapes and sizes, from bits and pieces to full comp speedway bikes, to Harley Shovels with knobbys, an old Walla to vintage motocross, even a Honda 4  you name it, would you believe there was a BMW with a horse saddle seat, yep you read that right, there is a shot of it in the photos, I’m sure if it’s not there in its entirety, some part of it will be there for sure, what can I say it is a fun day, a fantastic day, no attitude, no agro, everybody helping others to get back on that track for the next heat. It’s a full day of racing, when the worms start to bite there are plenty of food, coffee, cold drinks outlets available.

Once the racing starts it really is, heat after heat racing, a constant of entertainment for all, as the day drew on there was a couple of stacks nothing severe, from all the many heats the bones were sore, the muscles were arching and the limps in the strides of some of the riders were more pronounced, but the common denominator was the huge smiles on the dials of everyone you looked at, and that’s a rarity in todays age, as the racing was coming to a close we even had an old bloke come up to us and ask if we were staying for awhile , we said yep, he then proceeded to hand us a fistful of raffle tickets with a hope ya win, as he was on his way home, we said thanks heaps buddy. We stayed for a while longer and decided to leave ourselves, so we looked around and found three blokes looking like they were in it for the long haul, they said they were, so we handed off those raffle tickets to them, we sure hope they won something.

So folks what can I say, we had a great time it was one of those kickarse fantastic days and oh nearly forgot to say the weather was most excellent as well, it was to say a goldy locks kind of day for those that don’t know what a goldy locks day is, well its not to hot and not to cold, it was just right, plenty of shade to be had under the trees, just grab a sit and make yourself comfortable. So folks if you find yourself looking for something to do around this time next year, keep an eye on the events calendar right here on Chops’s Place and get yourselves along to the Dirt Hustle 2016 I reckon you’ll have a ball. Hope to see you all there. Check out the photos of the day, just click the link below.

Write up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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