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Time warp Back to a time of Garterbelts and Gasoline.

It felt like the first day of summer, it was expected to hit over 30 and it did early in the day. This event is always a day you look forward to, as the title says, you are warped back to the 50’s and 60’s which if you were alive in those times, oh boy, the memories that will flood back...

First things first,the ride to this was what you come to expect, a Sunday which entails the Sunday driver which are never in a hurry to get to where they are going or even to do anywhere near the speed limit. Their braking is incredible to watch but a nightmare to follow, let alone the head turns and pointing which you know they are not looking at you or any other road user for that matter, so when you get that chance you overtake and get on your way best you can.

This year the organizers had moved the event date, which they might have to rethink, as there was heaps of events on down south and these folks will travel, events on up north as well, not to mention all the stuff on, around Brisbane, yep you guessed it the numbers seemed way down and so did the entrants and their marvelous cars but hey I’m not complaining, but it was noticed by many of the vendors as well. Oh before I forget, one thing that jumped out at me, there was no two wheeled creations inside the venue, was quite a few parked up outside were mine was parked, has something happened maybe the question should be asked of the organizers.

This time warp happens up Mt Tambourine at the showgrounds, it is always a great ride up that winding piece of bitumen, maybe one day they will finish fixing the road, but as they say, enjoy what you can when you can, while you can, on the way you pass a clearing were those gravity defying hang gliders do their thing and there was heaps of them setting up to jump of a perfectly good mountain, mad buggers lol. The hang gliders are always a great spectacle if you have the time to stop and wait for them to launch, but alas I didn’t have the free time.

Just down the same road is where I wanted to be, Parked up grabbed the camera and got my way in and   “shazam”…… you are taken back to the era of great music, fantastic dance and were we all weren’t in a rush, a place the whole family goes to and everyone has a smile on their faces and a friendly Hello….

First stop was at Chops’s stalls, Chops’s Place and the DLM Dirty Love Magazine, Mrs Chops was there and Chops daughter were there working hard, and Chops was working hard at not working … opps did I say that out loud, anyway you can’t help having a chat, as we are both pretty darn good on the flapping gums front, let me tell you. Hey can’t stand here all day shooting the breeze, there are photos to be taken and people to snap a few shots of.

A couple of shots of the stalls first off, then into were the Munster’s drag cars were on display, the Baber shop was there if you felt the need, for a tidy up, it’s all there even for the connoisseurs of the moustache and beard. You really see it, how it was done from a time long gone, to how they recreate it now, told you we are in a time warp. From here a little chat with the drinks lady, she was and always is good for a conversation of what’s happening around the traps, from there it is out onto the show ground itself, to take some shots of all the vehicles, that have been lovingly brought along for us all to enjoy.

As you will see in the photos there are vehicles here for all different tastes and age groups, but at the end of the day, the owners love them like children, some more so, I bet…. The colours jumped at you and the chrome sparkled, it was a brilliant day to take shots of these beauties, that’s for sure, and to grab a snap or two of the folks that were there, for the enjoyment of what’s on show, some tried hard to get away without being in the shot, but alas I still got them, and told them I had, then came the laughter as it’s my belief photography is a still moment caught in time, so it’s to be enjoyed, for me this is the enjoyment I receive from taking shots of folks in a natural form, not staged or portrait shots that’s for a different time all together.

So after being out in what is turning out to be a rather hot day, was time for a drink and a chat, then I caught sight of a little man all dressed up looking real smart with his dad, so I asked if I could get a few shots of him, his dad gave me the nod of approval, his shots come up smick, oh boy what a life he has in front of him, but at that moment he was totally enthralled with his ice cream. That’s the thing with these events the Mums, Dads and the kids are along for the entertainment, some must spend hours with their hair styles and dressing in the period clothes of the time they love, they take part in it all and on the dance floor twirling and turning jitterbugging and twisting to their hearts content, all the while with bands that are entertaining in themselves.

Well the time flies when you are having this much fun, and I’ve got to move on, as there is no rest for the wicked, and oh boy am I wicked , well so im told, lol…  but folks if I may, if you ever get the chance or just make the time to get along to these types of events there is something there for everyone, a fantastic atmosphere, friendly folks that are there for one thing and one thing only to enjoy life to the fullest, nothing quite like time warping, give it a try you’ll love it.

Check out the photos they’ll tell the story as well….

Write up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

All rights reserved © StevePrickleClancy

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