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A Few Hours Spent at the Asphalt Demons 5th Invitational

Have been eagerly looking forward to this event for a while now as has Stew a mate of mine he also was eager to go to this year’s event, so all was set, another buddy we know, Chops asked us if we were heading that way, we said sure are man, let’s make a ride of it over the mountains, the answer was “YES” all round....

Cause there’s nothing more boring as a drudging ride up that highway. So it was set, meet up Saturday and ride....the scenic route to our destination.

Was all blue skys on Saturday we left around midday, headed out to Dayboro, then up Mt Mee it’s always a good ride taking all the twists and turns, some parts in full sun, other parts a canopy of trees above wasn’t to many cars and most pulled to one side to allow us through, which was way cool and the low wave was given to say we appreciated their kind gesture, wish more folks had that good attitude towards the two wheel folks.

It’s cool in more ways than one, there’s the one that I have already said, then there is the air temp it goes down a couple of degrees and it feels refreshing on a day such as this, with temps on the rise. So up the mountain we go and as with mountains once at the top you got to come down which means a whole new lot of corners. On one of the corners heading down, we come around a bloke on a sports bike well he was off it when we saw him, he had come down on a left hander coming up the mountain and had skid across his and our lane, lucky we come through after he finished using all the road.

Before we knew it, we were at the intersection at the Dag Pub, turn left onto the on the D’Aguilar Hwy then a few k’s down the road past Woodford you take a left turn onto the road that takes you out past Woodford Prison, bet all the prisoners would have heard the vehicles all day and got a buzz from it, and reminded them of what fun others were having. Before we knew it we were at an old air strip which the fellas use for this event, we were there alright, as we were parking up the Red Baron was flying above us, wow what a visual thrill that was.

The main attraction of the day is a time trial strip that everybody that wants to can let rip, and a bog pit to chuck laps in and try and do some automobile ballet, the photos will give you an idea of what’s going on, others there can spectate at all the metal fab and best of all the happy faces and the socialization that happens is great to see. Mates and families all catching up, you can camp overnight if you want to. Its 20 bucks to get in 5 bucks a car load if you want to camp, plenty of food available, its licensed, so you can get grog of your liking, soft drinks what more could you want, there’s something here for all the family.

For those out there that may not know, the Asphalt Demons are a car club and the host of this event, which by my recollection is the 5th year running of this event, other car clubs that made the effort were the Barons, the El’Diablos and the Beatniks to name a few, their cars were fantastic and entertaining, there was a bit of everything and even more, some were actually hand fabricated, others completely modified, some with turbos under the bonnet and some with superchargers punched through their bonnets, the bikes out there are built not bought so to speak and they run them flat out, one lost something on one run, turned out to be his kick starter, on his way back he calmly said hmm might need that hey. All of this just makes it that much better, as everybody was just laid back enjoying what was going on, watching the antics out on the track and I will say it, no cops…. nope not one, at last we found a place that’s like going back in time, to a time we could do what we wanted when we wanted and have a ball doing it, it might not sound all that much, but please believe me in Qld it’s a rarity these days, call it a sign of the times but the fun police as you know are no fun, so lets hope this continues, as to see dads with their kids on a bike just putting along  was fantastic and put a huge smile on my face that’s for sure.

Oh well, the time just absolutely flew, as the sun was setting which was a relief as it meant it was going to get a bit cooler. We said our hoorays, as I was packing the camera gear into the saddlebags, one old mate from the Asphalt Demons come over and asked did we enjoy ourselves, yep we sure did we said, as with every year this event you can’t help but enjoy yourself between the vehicles time trials and the antics of the players, the hospitality of the hosts is first class. What is easy to see is with each year this event is growing which is healthy for the scene that is, so if you mark your calendar for next year and make it a weekend of goodtimes, so with that, let us hope and pray this continues for the generations to come of Familys who are bound by metal and fumes to keep participating in events such as the Asphalt Demons Invitational, seeya next year, until then stay safe and let the goodtimes roll.

Write-up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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