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Harry’s Old School Bike Show 2015.

That part of the year had flown around, it was time for Harry’s Bike Show, with one massive change, a new venue, it was held at the VVMC and not at Mt Alford Pub. No more sweating your, you know what off out there. The venue at the Vietnam Vets is great plenty of shade to keep the sun off your head.

I arrived at around 8 o’clock and the vendors were busy erecting their stalls and getting organized. The event organisers had looks on their faces of what the hell have we done, just love to see pure panic. All was about done for the start time, as 9o’clock rolled around.

Was a very slow start, a few rolling in and parking up, a few putting their bikes in the show more spectators than punters for the show, we were scratching out heads, until we found out, the cut off time for the show was 1 pm, so of course blokes arrived near or on the cut off time, just to get the judging done and leave as you don’t have to be there to receive your trophy which when you think about is pretty poor form as the folks paying their dollars early in the day, may not get to see the bikes that they came to see in the first place, well it is a bike show, so you would suppose folks come to see bikes on show.

Food vendors were there… Mr German Sausage as I call them, and wood fired pizza and an ice cream bloke were standing and looking around, the majority were getting a feed from the Vets hot boxes for good prices, and plenty of drinks were sold on the day, as it was a warm day. With the undercover table and chairs that are provided at the Vets you’re eating in the shade and you’re always seem to be able to catch a cooling breeze.

The burnouts always draws a crowd whenever they are on, which come to think of it this would be the first year at Harrys show for burnouts as the Vets have a specially made burnout pad for all to view. So three victims oops did I say that I meant participants, come forth and burnt their tyres till they burst, the judging with burnout comps is easy you yell, yippee, yahoo for the one you think is the best and the loudest roars from the crowd and you’re the winner.

Was a rain free day, which is always brilliant, especially after the week of showery wet we just had, so with the no rain there were more bikes and folks coming and going most of the day, once the trophies were handed out the bikes left and the vendors packed up some took off, others got a feed and relaxed before they took off, around about 7pm the wet t-shirt comp started, I was catching up with some mates I hadn’t seen in a very long time, so I asked one of the blokes I know that was at the wet t-shirt comp, what caliber was on show just in case I needed to go take some shots his description was they start one end, store bought, then goes to gravity taken hold to end with yard glasses comes to mind, so with that monumental description, he had us all in stitches of laughter, ok buddy thanks for that run down, we’ll stay right where we are,  as with the end of the wet t-shirt comp more folks left, till the folks that stayed kicked back listened to some good music and drank on. We left around 10 o’clock as the time just flew catching up thanks to the hosts Harry & Crew and to the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC, with that done we were on the road for a cool ride home under star light and stuff all traffic.

Well that’s Harrys Show done and dusted for another year, personally I love this venue, and the location is just more central for many more folks to get to, so if you like what you’ve heard and see in photos, mark it down on your calendar or better still throw a reminder in your phone and see you next year, out at Harry’s Old School Bike Show, until then stay safe and watch out for those damn cars.

Write Up & Photos

by Steve Prickle Clancy

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