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MRAQ Fundraiser Freedom Ride 2015

The 21st of November was forecasted to be a hot day, well it certainly was just that, stinkin hot. Arrived at Nudgee Shell about 9am and there was few there all eager for a good ride. Well that’s what I saw with all the smiles.

This ride raises money for the motorcycle advocacy group Motorcycle Riders Association Queensland MRAQ which is a volunteer motorcycle advocacy association. This year the MRAQ president informed us the MRAQ has achieved a lot of things for us, the rider. The MRAQ have achieved a new standard for helmets in addition to the Australian Standard, we now have ECE 22.05 European standard which allows helmets that are better built, lighter so it is better for our necks and safer in a way that they are not as rigid. We now have lane filtering, that is now legal to do, and believe it or not, it is now actually legal just follow the guide lines,  well we can now legally take our feet off of the pegs and also stand up on pegs which helps with rider fatigue and cramps being able to stretch out a bit.

Yeah yeah, ive heard all the oh but we’ve always done this since we first threw a leg over a bike when me and Noah rode together crowd, well now if you follow the guide lines you don’t risk being heavily fined. So how about joining this fantastic rider association if you haven’t already, click here MRAQ so for a few bucks a year, really hey, its only $25.00 a year, they are a great group, they look out for you, the MRAQ are there to help you, they’ll help you if your in need of help on all manner of rider issues you can contact the MRAQ,  please support the MRAQ the motorcycle, scooter, trike advocacy association that works for you, the rider.

The ride left the Shell Nudgee headed north up the highway, turned off onto Steve Erwin Way, kept going up to Landsbourgh then turned off to head to Mary Cairncross , then along Mountain View Rd which is a good ride in itself, back to Beerwah Hotel stopped for about an hour and some needed refreshments , did I tell you it’s feakin hot. Then once refreshed as one could be, the ride headed down through Woodford along the D’Aguilar Hwy which felt like you were riding into a furnace to the Big Fish Tavern at Caboolture  for the end of the ride, so it was time to sit back relax and grab a bite to eat and catch up with some mates, sit in air con yes the all mighty chilled wind of air-con and try to cool off with some great food and refreshments, the food that I saw getting consumed looked appetizing, all the folks said they were loving it.

A big thanks, to the couple that put this ride together and it was great to see the MRAQ trailer out and about showing off its brand, which was fantastic to see, thanks to the folks that did that, they know who they are. Was talking with the MRAQ reps and they were over the moon with the attendance and would like to put out a real huge thanks to all the supporters for making the effort to come along cause you guys make it all worthwhile, all of this helps with the MRAQ continue to do what they do for us the rider.

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By Steve Prickle Clancy

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