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USCQ RIDE & Celtic Warlocks Anniversary

Well it’s the day of the USCQ United Social Clubs Queensland Fund the Fight Ride which is made up of many clubs of the social order, it was a fundraiser for funding the fight against ridiculous laws that are not in favour with our civil liberties.....

The Combined USCQ Clubs Ride was organized by the Celtic Warlocks and so happened it was there clubs 11 year of existence, so why not make a day and night of it , well for some of us that are old school staunch and stay to the death.

The weather was a humid, sunny day, with temps in the late twenties, steamy hot if you couldn’t find breeze and there wasn’t much of a breeze unless you were riding. The bikes started arriving, thin on the ground to start with and then started to build before the plan start time of having side stands up at around 11.30. The usual suspects, I say that with the utmost respect, were arriving, the support was what it was, the weather was good, no rain cheap ride $10 bucks to show your support, yet the numbers only reach 85, but hey, what can one say, the 85 was all quality folks that know what is happening to us and our rights. There was a raffle going around and a big thanks to Andrea for doing that, nobody can sell raffle tickets like that little lady, she has the knack and the gift of the gab, helps to hey mate, let me say it’s the only time I see folk with a big smile on their face when handing over money.

Well that time came around, to give the talk of where the ride was heading to, ride within the road rules and the ride leader, made sure he got his message across, which was, no one will be left behind. The raffle was drawn the winner was called, so it was time to get the bikes started, helmets on and lets get this show on the road.

We all moved out of the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC compound and regrouped up the road and got ourselves onto the Logan motorway, and for a minute there my heart sunk, as I gazed at motorcycle cop on the side on the motorway with his red and blues alight, I’m thinking oh geez not again, but it wasn’t to be, as he had a car pulled over and wasn’t interested in the 80 odd bikes going past him. So we moseyed our way up the highway and the group surprisingly enough all stayed together, the other road users were curious and the kids in the cars, well let’s just say, their hands nearly fell off from waving at us. See proves we don’t frighten the children, can’t say what their parents think. As usual just started to get comfortable and our turn off to Marburg was upon us all, yep that’s right all of us made that exit notice the emphasis on all of us.  Haven’t lost anybody yet and onto the first stop which is the Marburg Hotel, we all found a park.

The ones that wanted a feed ordered their food, was peculiar the way they run this hotel, they write down what you want, no money changes hands then when its cooked they come out to the verandah were we were all congregated, and they yell out what they have, like a steak burger and fishermen’s basket and folks walk up and then discuss who’s on first and so on, then I think money then changes hands, but as you could imagine when 80 odd riders are to be feed it is going to take a fair while and that it did. So while people put the feed bag on, I took that opportunity to take some photos, and have a couple of refreshments and talk shit with my mates, yep surprise, surprise, it seems I have a couple of mates, who would have thought. Oh did I mention how hot it was, well if you couldn’t find a bit of breeze, the sweat was running off you, so we needed to keep the fluids up and I didn’t hear no complaining about that one.

So after about 2 hours, yeah you heard right, it was time to get back on the bikes and make our own breeze. Some had already departed and said their goodbyes and others seem to be more interested in staying at the Marburg Hotel, well the rest of us wanted to ride so that is just what we did next stop Roadvale and yes you guess it, to another watering hole, hey, were not camels, you know.

After some great bits of road and the scenery, well, all I can say is you will just have to get yourselves out and about to appreciate this beautiful countryside. We were warned about the slope this pub was on, yep billy goat country alright, so some of us, well the smart ones parked in the carpark which was flat, others well what can I say took to parking on the slope. It was a lovely country pub called the Royal Hotel with Queensland cooling verandahs called the and great hospitality, service was quick, so folks weren’t waiting to down that refreshing cold and in some cases amber fluid. It seems the numbers were dropping by this time but through their own doing, as we didn’t lose anybody and the recovery vehicle that was provided on this run kept us informed.  It must have been close on the hour mark and the call come, it’s time to make a move, there was a few moans and groans, but that was just the noise us old blokes make these days standing up, it seemed folks were getting quite comfortable, but we had to push on we had a party to get to.

The roads we traveled were thoroughly enjoyable, even with the occasional unavoidable pot holes, hey they keep you on your game and test your reflexes and your back. The sun was low in the sky, so we knew we were on our last leg of the ride, through some road work stoppages, one of which had us sitting there for some time well some of us thought that light would never change but it did and we were making breeze again. Few sweepers more and we were down the road and turning into the Celtic Warlocks Clubhouse gates.

Let’s just say the blokes and ladies that made the effort to finish the ride were rewarded with a great feed, top music and cold drinks and some good old fashioned hospitality. A big thanks to the ladies and little Jules for the food, it was absolutely delicious and oh so timely, we stopped the bikes got off and we hear that angelic voice saying, FOODS UP!!!!, well it was like music to my ears, some had a look on their faces like, what the hell was that, only joking. The bloke they get to play their gigs is GT he is not just a muso he is a definite entertainer, he can sure belt out a tune and loves to interact with the crowd while playing that guitar. If you are after a one man entertainment band you can contact GT via his Email Here and tell him Prickle sent you.  This was quite an auspicious occasion at the Celtic Warlocks as it was there 11th Anniversary, for a club of the social order to strongly make it to this age speaks of a great effort of all concerned and they should be proud of what they have achieved.

The president of the Celtic Warlocks club Abbo and Snatch were there to take hold of a framed vest which is the same age as the club and belonged to Abbo, how they got that off his back is a great feat in itself, well done fellas. Also like to say a big thanks to the folks that kindly donated to the fighting fund and the raffle, the day raised approximately a $1000 dollars with that I would like to take this opportunity as the USCQ Chairman and President of the Sinners MCC to say thank you to the Celtic Warlocks for organizing this Fund the Fight ride and for the invite back for us all to partake in your celebration, it was really appreciated and an honour to do so.

Write-up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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