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ANZAC Dawn Service at the VV & V MC Clubhouse 2016

Well the darkness had a welcomed crisp, a coolness to it, as the silence was broken by the eruption of my bikes engines, all the gear on and we were away for the dawn service at the Bunker. For the people that might not know of the Bunker,....

it is at the Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Motorcycle Club at 132 Meakin Rd Kingston. I’ve been fortunate to of shared the Dawn Service with these gentlemen for quite a few years now, and please remember, this Dawn Service is open to everyone, not just riders, so if you would like a place to show your remembrance, please, by all means come along, service starts at 5.30am so come a bit earlier, you are more than welcome.

It’s always a lovely heartfelt service, in a setting of large gum trees and wildlife as the crack of dawn comes upon us.  The Logan City Community Cadets, do a mighty fine job, they were practicing on the previous Wednesday night were they had the pressure of the police helicopter circling them from above. The Cadets performed exceptionally on the day, their mounting and the dismounting of the Cenotaph was done with precision and certainly enhanced the day. They should be given much gratitude for their dedication of their Cadetship.

The floral wreaths were laid on the Cenotaph, the opportunity was also given to all to place a poppy in remembrance to those who fell in times, of the many wars Australia has been part of. This year was the 100th Anniversary of the first Dawn Service and march to take place in Australia, it took place in Brisbane and will continue to take place every ANZAC Day. After the service there is a time of shaking hands and of giving thanks to those returned Veterans.

Some take part in the milk and rum, while others are lining up to partake in their 5 dollar breakfasts prepared by the wives and ladies and VV & V MC Members and Supporters, always a good feed here. The numbers of participation are growing with each year, which is a marvelous sight and just shows people are thankful for the sacrifices of the many. Every year we have a couple of hours before heading into the march to remember and give our thanks of the sacrifices that have been and still are being given with servitude to this great country. Our freedoms are in a delicate balance, were we are seeing them being taken away and diminished under a so called banner of security screeched by politicians, while this is allowed to continue the sacrifices of these heroes are also being lessoned. Freedom is a commodity that always needs to be worked towards and never taken for granted.

So the time had come, to start the bikes and proceed in an orderly fashion into town were we get free parking, to spend a few hours watching all those that take part in the precession. All of the present Defence Forces were represented, Returned Service Men and Women from all wars and police actions were represented as with family members, I did notice that the older ones are falling in numbers as we all age, yet they are still represented in some way, these Heroes should never be forgotten, and as a nation we should never allow their ultimate sacrifices to be forgotten. This can only be achieved by all of us passing onto the generations to come, the history of what has happened. Well after quite a few hours watching the march it comes to the part where the Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Motorcycle Club to come past, so we know it was time to make our way back to the bikes because we now head back to the Bunker to have a bite to eat, some refreshments and spend some time listening to the stories and relaxing with mates.

So in saying all this, you can see we have a good day, so if you are around the area next ANZAC Day please by all means come along to this dawn service and spend it with a great bunch of blokes, I can promise, you will always be welcome and greeted with a shake of the hand and a smile.

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By Steve Prickle Clancy

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