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100 Mile Ride with Bikers Against Child Abuse B.A.C.A

We are nearing the end of autumn, and the weather was so good, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was at the stage of a chill in the air. Todays ride was with a group of devoted people that work tirelessly for the empowerment of children, they do this as volunteers,.....

which as you could well imagine takes a huge commitment. So we are all on the same page, the 100 mile ride is held everywhere there is a B.A.C.A chapter and it is held on the same day, so it’s like the whole organization rides as one on that day. They raise a few dollars to help with the little things, which mean so much to the children and their families, while giving their support during a dark time in these family’s lives.

So now we know what this group does its time for the day’s events, it all started at Gasoline Alley, a Harley Davidson dealership at Slacks Creek which supports good causes. So when I arrived there were a heap of folks there, some for the Saturday morning sausage sizzle, there were bikes starting to file in for the ride as well. I took a few shots, said my hellos to the B.A.C.A crew, had a chat where and which way the ride was planned, so I could get an idea of what I could do, to take some photos on the day, as it worked out, I left to get to the first stop to grab some shots of all the bikes arriving at the Royal Mail Hotel, the “OLD WOODEN PUB” if you read my scribings you will hear this pub, spoken about quite a bit, as their hospitality is second to none and they love us, the bikers.

On my way to the Old Wooden Pub a motorcycle constable was out with his radar gun, collecting the taxes for the man, but that’s no worries to us, as we ride to the limit, who’s limit, well, hey work that one out yourselves. I viewed a messenger pigeon being sent to let the others know. We riders look after our own and always will. I was a bit early so a grabbed some fuel, and moseyed up to the pub, got my camera out and low and behold a bloke I hadn’t seen for a while, was just pulling up, was great to catch up with a few tales, just then his food buzzer went off for his breakfast, as that happened you could hear the rumble in the distance. Wasn’t long and the pack was on their way up the street it’s a great sight to see two lines of bikes in formation. Everyone parked up and grabbed a refreshment.

A while later after all were watered, the 5 minute call was given, to hear some folks saying they had never been to this pub and their amazement of all the good music that gets played there, they were saying, they would be back, which is an awesome thing, as these little pubs do it hard and it’s the biker community that helps out so much, without even thinking, by frequenting these establishments with not just ride stops but also a place to ride to and enjoy the company of other likeminded folks.

Anyway the bikes had started making noise and lining up, we meandered slowly up and onto the highway in the direction of blacksoil, the traffic wasn’t too bad, everyone seemed to keep pace, we took the fernvale turnoff which is up and over the highway these days, it’s a huge loop and to look back on that loop blew my mind, picture this, as the two rows of bikes winding their way up, looked like a journey to an elevated plain, looked bloody fantastic. A couple of kilometers up the road just after lover’s lane, we turned off onto Glamorganvale Road, typical back country roads doesn’t get a lot of maintenance, so ride it to the condition which and can change quite quickly. A couple of busted kidneys, only joking, oh that hurts, we arrived at the Glamorgan Vale Pub, and the lunch stop. Funny story about this place, it had shut their doors ages ago, we kept asking about it but it seemed no one was interested in getting the old pub up and going again, then a few months back the whispers started, hey have ya heard, the Glamorgan Vale open again, ok, lets test it out, well let me just start by say if you were not happy with the feed here, give up eating. Open, airy, catch a breeze from every point on the compass, which we need in our climate. Great open views and the service well its second to none, we had a smorgasboard of great food you had a choice of roast pork, roast chicken and roast vegies with gravy and an assortment of salads. Remember I said you had a choice, well that choice was, you could have anything or everything, how about that, and you really can’t beat the price 15 bucks, geez, you can’t fuel up that cheap now days. Well I never saw a face without a smile on it , and people grouped up at their tables and when there wasn’t food going in, there was words coming out and the volume was at biker volume, see we been riding so long most of us a rather deaf, so our volume is near as loud as our bikes. You got to love it. Well the bellies were full and the thirst was being taken care of, as we sat and caught with people we haven’t seen for a while and made a few new friends, the raffle tickets were flying out , that’s the way to do it while the full belly endorphins are all getting their fix, hit them with raffles, those raffles were drawn and the 5 minutes call was given, I looked at the time and I was very surprised we had been here well over an hour , all I can say, is how time flies when you’re having fun.

Warmed the bikes as we wait for the stragglers, as you know, full bellies, well some don’t move as quick and the brain is still in a euphoric state, hey I won’t mention any names they know who they are. Well away we went, found our positions in the pack and made our way up and through Lowood and in the back way to Plainlands that road has a bit of everything and I must say, I never tire of the scenery, must say it’s a bit dry at the moment and we could do with some rain. The names of these towns might just give away the scenery that you get from low woods and plainlands, it is our country that we ride and enjoy the roads that go with it. As we zip our way onto the Laidley Purple Pub, its actual name is Queensland National Hotel, those road kill smells keep you on your toes and is a good reminder that at certain times of the day, dawn and dusk, you have bouncing mates (Kangaroos) wanting to say hello, so watch the wildlife cause their watching you. We arrived at the pub and most went in the entrance, for me I just can’t resist it, when a sign says “no entry” or other things, well it’s the rebellious nature within me and the road its taught me, don’t let the man tell you, how to live or ride, a few of the boys got a laugh, I got the obligatory good onya bloke, I replied, hey you’ve got to bend the law, that’s what it’s there for, so please wake up Australia, don’t let the Aussie larrikin die.

Well some of folks by this time of the ride are high on good company and the buzz of the ride, adrenalin is the best drug out there and big brother hasn’t diluted us yet, we will not let him, we have strength in numbers and never forget that, stick together and we will grow in numbers, well, do I hear a Hell Yeh… that’s it, I’m hearing you.

A few got there drinks, from beer to water and a few went all out and grabbed  an ice cream nice soft serve in a cone, geez doesn’t that bring back the 70’s, all we need now was a river bank and a rope swing. Was a short stop as we still  had the last leg which was about 50 minutes of some great, rough in places, winding roads and the sun was setting and with that the temperature dropping. We poked along and once out of town, the pace increased to the tempo we were all happy with. Some parts of the road was a real mess, but we would point or through a leg out to give warning to those behind, to be cautious and so on down the line the message went. It’s this time of the day I find my mind wondering or is it pondering of people that are not with us, not to the extent of not paying attention of my surroundings, as I have others to think of around me on a group ride. Of the very few I call brothers, then comes mates, that are not with me for one reason or another, but mostly the ones that have passed away, some I feel, are on the ride, as they live on within our hearts every time we say their name. There are times I find myself and I hope this doesn’t sound to strange to you, but I find myself silently talking to them, why they did what they did and to all of them, I silently say, look at what you are missing, and reminisce of the times we had spent together on the road, as to have them in spirit is not the same as flesh, but it is what it is.

The pace slowed which says we are just about at our last stop. We parked up and stretched our legs as we spoke of the last stretch. The name of this pub is the Royal Hotel at Harrisville, another great country pub with plenty of room to throw your swag, which was happening for some. The entertainment is a bloke stomping and playing guitar for the entertainment. There was a double booking of a whole lot of bus groups staying out the back as well, which worked out well for BACA as the bus folk asked what we were doing the ride for and when it was explained to them, they passed the hat around as it’s a great cause. Good stuff again, it is the Aussie way. If you see this ride advertised around this time of the year, please make room on your calendar, come and say hello, I’m sure the B.A.C.A folk will make you feel welcome, if you feel BACA may be something, you would like to know more about, here are the details to get in touch Click Here.

After a few glasses of water and talking with a few of the folks it was time for me to say my goodbyes and thank the good people of BACA for their hospitality, by this time the sun was very low on the horizon. As I rode up the main street with the sun at my back, there was that feeling that you can only get, when you ride, I am unable to explain it and I’ve never been able to put it into words, it’s something that you experience and feel in your soul, if you ride and something that will never be felt by the majority.

Write-Up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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