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A Delightful Morning Spent, Ray Owens Motorcycle Show2016

The morning sky started out overcast but no sign of rain, it was not as cold as the year before, so I pushed the bike out and warmed her up ready for the ride. Heading to the Ray Owens Classic, it was always held on Mt Tamborine, but in the last few years........

has been moved to the Cunungra show grounds, which is a great venue for this ever growing event and I can still ride up Mt Tamborine and down the goat track into Cunungra so as to make a ride of it.

A brief run down on the Ray Owens Classic Motorcycle Show, it is run by the Mt Tamborine Branch of the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland, HMCCQ for short. This club was formed in September 1970 and has grown to 14 areas in Queensland. It seems to be growing yearly and they are always looking for more members, if you would like more info about this club please click here.

It seemed the police were out in force as I traveled along, took the off ramp and made my way to the start of the climb up Mt Tamborine wasn’t long and riders coming the other way were giving all the signs,  that there were police ahead not that I was breaking any speed limits. It’s Sunday I was out for a laid back cruise, just got to love this old mountain the twists and turns are burned in the memory from so many trips up and down her spine. Once at the top the chill in the air was there letting you know you still alive and have gone up in the world. Traveled along the ridge, didn’t see any hang-gliders at their starting point, must have been too early and maybe too cold for them to get lift, there were still heaps of folks sightseeing and having breakfast. Then the decent down what we locals call the goat track winding twisting left handers and right handers all at step angle, 30 and 20 kilometer advisory signs everywhere, on one of the hairpin turns I witnessed were a car had gone over the edge, with all roads such as this, it was over before you knew it and all you wish is that it could go on forever.

At the T intersection, turned right and a little way just down the hill there’s Cunungra. A sleepy country town that roars to life on the weekend, with all the riders’ plaining their destination to here, for breakfast, lunch and even tea there are cafes, coffee shops and of cause a pub wouldn’t be a country town without at least one pub. One of the very popular haunts is The Outpost Café which gets raving reviews for their homemade pies, which are made fresh daily.

Turned left past the pub, a few minutes later I arrived at the show grounds, I must say this event gets more and more people attending every year, wow what a crowd and it’s still early. It’s a great sight to see more vendors at the swap meet. Gate price $5 bucks, hey you can’t complain about that, went in and ran into some mates, stopped for a quick chat, told them I would catch up later on, as I was in the mood to just go take some still shots of the different folks and these awesome old bikes, some of which have been restored to their original beauty. Some days you are just in a world of your own looking at the world through the lens of a camera, the framing, focus and forms, all come together. As with most shows you get to listen to owners telling their proud stories and the journey of their rebuilds, this show is no exception. I watch and witness, as mates come together on an annual event such as this, or run into people they haven’t seen in years. The feelings you get when amongst folks that are of the same elk as yourself, well its unreal, and you can’t buy these feelings, their priceless. These are events you can afford to bring the whole family too and make a day of it, grab a coffee and something to eat, all reasonably priced. The gentleman this event is named after was here, this year as every year, he was getting around in an electric buggy this year. He was running around in it, looking like he was enjoying the day, good onya Mr. Ray Owens.

The quality of the bikes on show were fantastic, all makes and models. You can see the love that has gone into sourcing the parts to bring them back to their beauty, the hours spent are endless. Then once you have finish drooling over these beauties, you can go out were the bikes are parked and meander in amongst them as they arrive and leave in a procession during the day. Enjoy the photos and hope you get as much enjoyment at looking at them, as I had taking them and sharing them with you.

So grab that calendar or better still your phone and make a note that around this time next year the Ray Owens Classics Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet will be on again, bring the family and enjoy the day, showing the family what bikes were around many years ago. Hope to see you there, until then, ride hard ride well.

Write-Up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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