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The Day the Rain Never Came Laverda Concours 2016

Well the weekend of the concours approached and as seems to be the way with the Laverda Concours since the move from under the Brisbane iconic Story Bridge, the motorcycling gods seem to bring inclement weather and it was no different this year. The day before...

was wet and miserable, but the Laverda club held firm and put out the message this was going ahead, when Sunday came the clouds were still threatening but there hadn’t been any water from the heavens since about 3am.  Quick look on Facebook and it was all full steam ahead. Great stuff!!!

I wasn’t in a hurry today for some reason, took my time cleaned the camera gear gave it all a check over and grabbed something to eat before heading to this event which is not far from my house. But all of a sudden my phone started with txt messages and calls of hey where are you, when you getting here and on it went, hey you have to laugh as normally I’m first there. So time to multitask and the fairer sex say us men are not able to multitask, well amongst other things they say, , so I’m getting changed, packing camera gear, eating, putting boots on and before I knew it I was on my way and I hadn’t forgotten a thing, surprised, well I know I am.

Again this year as with previous years the police have their radars set up so just take your time and don’t donate to their fund. Arrived to the event which is held at the Cleveland show grounds these days, a flat open site with not much else than an oval, no shade unless you bring your own or know someone with a stall on the day. First thing I noticed was the paddock were the attendees bikes are parked was looking very empty, and once inside there was a heap of spots empty in where the bikes that are put on show. What is going on, what a little rain scared folks away but the ground was as hard as a rock so they hadn’t had much ran here or is it that as years gone by when it has rained it has been postponed and the bike riding fraternity have ridden somewhere else, surely they didn’t all arrive and leave first thing in the morning?

Ran into  a few blokes I’ve known for years but had not seen in about 3 years, so was great to catch up with them again, one of them had entered a bike he has been building for a while now as he was telling me about this build last time we meet up. What a build it is to, photos will follow. For me it’s near beyond words, a ’73 Kawasaki 1100 drag bike but it is so much more, he won his class Street Special and also took out Bike of the Show which is best in show which is something else to be applauded. Well what can I say, he has excelled once again.

The usual bikes and folks were there was good catching up and getting lost in the view finder of my camera for quite a few hours. The great thing about the bike scene is people love to have a chat about anything and everything and if they have a bike on show well just give them an inch to tell you all about it and your there for a while, hearing all about it, and it’s still a fantastic feeling that comes over me listening to folks so proud of what they’ve accomplished, some have spent years and countless hours doing swap meets, advertising, going to sheds rummaging through piles of bits and pieces to find that one piece they’ve been looking for.

This years Laverda Concours is the 28th year it has run and been supported by riders and familys that come along for the day, the entrance price use to be a gold coin donation for many years and was changed a few years back to $10 which all goes to a good cause the Make A Wish Foundation they do a great job for the kids. You have food vendors and coffee vans, the Make A Wish crew do a $1.00 sausage sizzle, again it all goes to the kids.

There are social club stalls, brand clubs like the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, Honda 4 Club, Kawasaki Z Owners Club, The Vincent HRD Owners Club, motorcycle trade stalls some that were there, bike hire, motorcycle earplugs, hard chrome, painters, Penrite Oil, Tyres for Bikes oh and don’t forget if you want to know the horsepower of your bike, dyno runs are available. Then there are the dealership stalls Morgan & Whacker Harley, Team Moto Triumph, Royal Enfield, Yamaha Racing and a few more in amongst it all, plenty to get you interested and plenty to fill your belly or quench your thirst, and there is the Dave Ritter Band belting out some great tunes, lay on the grass and listen awhile.

So if you are not up to much this time of year or you think this type of thing might be of interest to you, please mark this on your calendar and get yourself along for the price it’s value, it’s a few hours or make the day of it, bring the family and show the kids what was and what is in the scene of the two wheeled enthusiast.

Write-Up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy.

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