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The Hot Day Spent at Koolsville.

It was a cloud free start to the day, the middle of winter and we had an unexpected heat wave it was warming up and the day had just started, predicted temp is 29 C somebody didn’t tell the weather gods it’s winter. Arrived to this gathering at around...........

10am or there about, there was a crowd gathering already, all the usual folk were seen and the obligatory handshakes took place. Folks arriving and leaving, to set the scene for you, it’s always a casual affair at these gatherings at Koolsville, laid back and for Christ’s sake leave the attitude and ego at home because it just doesn’t fit the atmosphere here at Koolsville. Said good morning to the host a bloke known as Little Mick by the locals, he has been around for, well geez, you know I can’t think of a time he wasn’t around that I know of, so make of that what you want. He had his air-brushing apron on, so it’s a day of air-brushing helmets and the kids that want some artwork on their skin. Mick is always a happy go lucky kind of bloke, what can I say a typical artist type, even though he has a heavy weight to carry at the moment which you wouldn’t pick it, by the big smile on his face and a warm greeting, but i won’t go into that just yet.

This gathering as all of Koolsvilles gatherings, seems to attract all types of folks from a varied range of scenes like the bike, car, beatnik, rockabilly, tattoo scenes and anything in between this is an observance on my behalf, not a labeling by any means, rest assured, the freedom of acceptance you can feel at this gathering was as it should be. No judgements, we are all on the same side of freedom, well we hope we are and when you say g’day you get the same in return, which doesn’t happen all that often in the main stream society we are made to exist in.

Just so we are all on the same page about this event it was put together by Little Mick and his family from Koolsville Studio. It does happen occasionally but this year it happens at a time when laws from the establishment has touch innocent people, yes you heard right, innocent folks having their livelihood taken off them, again you have heard it right. I admit it’s very hard to hear but this is a point where we have come to in this country we call home. I normally don’t blog too much on the down side of life, as im normally trying, like you most I suppose to enjoy the little things in life but we know there are highs and lows in life and this im sorry to say folks is a low point for the likes of Little Mick and his family and many others in the Tattoo Industry and if you take a minute to understand what is happening you really can say but for the grace of god go i.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell you good people about this gathering, but funnily enough, it just fell into place with two short conversations taking place with absolute strangers. As I was taking some long shots on the camera, I was approached by a young fella and a little later a young lady with her dog, hey… I’m getting old, most folks are younger than I these days, oh the shame of it all, but I digress. They had both excused themselves and asked “what’s happening here… what is all this about” and was it cool for them to have a look around. Well that was unexpected but refreshing to get asked this day and age, so I explained that this gathering was in aid of a tattooist and his family who can no longer work. The first thing both these people thought and said, “oh has he gotten sick or had an accident”, my answer was, no he is fit as a fiddle, the confused look on their faces told me they were both thinking. I continued to explain to them a bloke by the name of Mick Kosenko who has been in the Tattoo scene for 30 odd years and one of the leading lights in the tattoo scene, has been served with papers by the government that is telling him and stating the government department the office of fair trading will not allow him a tattoo licence and if he were to pick up a tattoo machine he will have then committed a crime and have to face the courts. So now with a stroke of a politician’s pen, artists are being told they can no longer work in the field of employment they have done for decades. Oh by the way and I dislike to even mention this as it shouldn’t matter as no one should be judge by their past but Mick has no criminal record, you heard it right, no crime has been committed to get to where we are at. You could see what I had just said had hit it a nerve with these people, with the looks of disgust and anger, I went on to say the government has decided after all those years, he is no longer scene as a fit and proper person they are the governments’ wordings not mine.

What evidence, they asked? Glad you ask, by secret evidence, by evidence you are legally not allowed to see nor your lawyer allowed to see, and before I could say any more they said, so how do you defend yourself?  The only answer, I could give, was you can’t defend yourself if you are not shown a brief of evidence against you. These laws based on secret evidence doesn’t allow you that liberty. Just for a moment sit back and have a think about this,  with every other time a person is accused of committing a crime, you and your lawyer are given a brief of evidence which then you can base your defense on.

But remember there has been no crime committed here, unless a tattoo machine is pick up now and used, after being served these papers and refused a license. So the government has made it a crime where before there was no crime. So to reiterate with this law when you are served with papers that tell you, you have been found to be not a fit and proper person, you then find yourself in a future crime situation. They are telling you if you pick up a tattoo machine you will be arrested for that crime and without this tattoo license to do your job your business and all your employees are out of work.

These two people couldn’t believe what they were hearing, you could see by the expressions on their faces of anger, frustration and bewilderment they had learnt something and it didn’t sit well with them, so I mentioned, would it make a difference to you to know he is a long time member of a motorcycle club? They both replied that has nothing to do with it, all that matters when you are innocent you should be left alone to get on with life and if you do commit a crime the law will deal with you, but there has been no crime committed here or with all the others that this law has been applied to here in Queensland and South Australia. There is no crime here, all this is secret evidence, so nobody knows what it says, apart from the police that wrote it, it may just be a folder of blank pieces of papers for all we know. How could I disagree I couldn’t and didn’t.

What a lot of people don’t realise either, is to try and get this into the courts there is a process to follow and as such costs are huge. Firstly you try and get it through a thing called QCAT which is a moderation type set up and then the police can stall that process which they have done, all the while you the accused are paying tons of money to lawyers, might I add lawyers never lose as they always get paid win, lose or draw. So you, through no fault of your own, find yourself without any income and you have had to let all your employees that have worked for you over many years have to go as there is no other legal way to keep them gainfully employed, with that, the cost of living and all the bills keep coming, children still need to get an education and remember this is through no fault of your own. Oh don’t forget even without a court you are being punished with no job and having to pay huge costs to lawyers. Did you ever think you would ever live in a time that this could occur, well I didn’t. Just to remind us this is “Australia”.

After that they thanked me and went in to enjoy their day, a little later, I did catch sight of them leaving seems they had both bought something from the Koolsville shop to show their support.

But it got me to thinking, here we are living in a country, a country that has been built on hard work and sweat. This country where you can work, pay your taxes, which contributes to the community we all live in, be part of the community, small businesses are doing just that, as Mick has been doing all his life like other artists,  but the big difference is you can do your work and get on with your life, yet, many people have been made to stop earning a living with no crime committed, and they are now under the threat of jail if they were to pick up the tool of their trade, a tattoo machine which now for them has been made a crime if used. Just think when you pick up a tool used in your employment might be a saw, a spanner or as small as a pen and then your told no you are not a fit and proper person you can no longer do your trade. Don’t think it can’t happen it has happened “Wake Up Australia”

Who gave these politicians the power to write such ludicrous draconian laws, very sadly I have to say, we the people have, don’t be the frog in the pot, wake up Australia, please don’t be the one to wake up one day and say where are all our rights gone, look around and take a minute to see what the powers to be are taking from you, it doesn’t have to be this way. Write letters, emails to your local member, tell them you’re not happy with what is happening. Educate yourself on all these matters think for yourself and talk to others. Yes it sounds unwinnable and such an enormous task, but really it’s not, just remember you can move a mountain one shovel at a time, and many hands make light work, let’s leave this country a better place than when we started.

Lets hope you and I can make this change and we can continue to go to events just like this one and not hear about the atrocities that are being committed right here in Australia not because of ignorance not wanting to hear but because no atrocities exist in Australia. Let’s get this country back to where it should be and enjoy ourselves.

The day was a great success by all accounts and support shown was good to see, so lets hope at the next Koolsville event that the tattoo machines are humming and all is right with the world.

Until then think of others......

Ride Hard & Ride Well & Watch out for those damn cars!!!!!

Write-up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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