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Triple D Day Down “n” Dirty at the Dam

What a day it was, the weather was magnificent this day early in the month of August, a winter day that had a chill in the air, my bike was off the road, so I was lucky enough to be able to hitch a lift with Baz from the VVMC, as he was taking his truck out to this.

We followed the young blokes from the VMC Queensland chapter, we planned to stop at the BP Blacksoil to fuel ourselves and meet others and was meet with the sounds of two wheeled machines hunting their way past on the Warrego highway to the destination we were all headed, it had the feel about it that this was going to be big.

Over the new overpass and onto Fernvale where the sight of a mass of bikes were parked up grabbing their supplies. We kept our pace as the young blokes rode off, we took in the scenery then across the top of the Wivenhoe dam which is a sight to see in itself and especially for anyone that is seeing it for the first time, as Baz said it would make a great drag track atop that wall, long and straight. Just up the road and we were at the turn off to a place called Coominya and another dam called Atkinson Dam. Just down the road the young blokes were parked up at the Coominya hotel grabbing their supplies, they weren’t going anywere, as their supplies were going the truck, so once all was loaded onwards to our destination just up the road a bit.

Just as we were about to leave, a cop on a bike went past, we came across him again on the side of the road booking someone going the other way,  we took the side road we needed and into the property this event was being held at,  a couple of the young blokes found what we call the quick sand, along the drive way, it grabs you and spits you in all directions funny to watch, all that have traveled that driveway have experienced it and learn a quick lesson for next time, ride in the middle.

This day was months in the making, as one of the many events to be put on by the USCQ, this gathering was organized by 3 clubs, of the many clubs that are part of the United Social Clubs Qld. The idea was floated and the major voice from the start of this event was Terry, yet sadly he wasn’t able to attend, as Terry had sadly had passed away, a week before this gathering was to take place. But let me tell you, he was here in spirit, as we all spoke of him and how he would have been so proud, to see this inaugural event go off without a hitch and was attended by so many of the clans as they flew their colours high and proudly, as was down in centurys gone by in medieval times.

There were quite a few there before us and the tents were being setup as folks were settling in, this brought back memories of how it was done in the years gone by. Like the voice over the loud speaker said, Bike show those that wanted to participate went and grabbed their bikes and parked them were they were all together, somebody judged them the winners were called then the bikes were ridden away and parked where they had come from, hey how easy is that. The burgers were popular as I scanned around looking at them being devoured, yep that got me going and went a grabbed one myself, yep was a good chew. The band was smashing out some great tunes, while I had my hands full of food, the keg toss was taking place and then the grab a tinny competition, sounds so easy doesn’t it, but there is a catch, you are in an inner tube which is tied to many other inner tubes which are all tired to a tree, really you are tied to a giant horizontal bungee, with a can of beer just out of reach, oh boy the temptation, it’s your job to take a huge run up and try and grab that can of beer without head butting the ground and guess what your prize is, yes that’s right you guessed it,  you grab that tinny you get to keep it, us Australians will do anything for a beer. It was fantastic to see heaps of folks participating in the games of old.

By this time the long shadows were being notice and the chill in the air increased as the sun was close to the horizon. I was enthralled as well, by the way the band was getting into their set, I know I was taking some up close and personal shots of them. It was a day for me of feeling an atmosphere that hadn’t been felt in quite some time, an atmosphere of many years gone by, it was also the thoughts that were voiced, and talking to the Old Guard of this has been so missed in the scene, because of the enforcement of ridiculous, ludicrous draconian laws.

It was dusk, and come a time for me to look around this crowd, there would have been well over 200 people here, I think, coming and going most of the day and all were enjoying themselves, there wasn’t a sad face about. Let me see if I can describe the atmosphere, hopefully I do it justice, it was a party like you all have in your backyards with family and friends listening to music, some folks dancing, others catching up with close friends and for a better word… family, in this case biker family that you haven’t seen for a long time, you got the feeling of wholesomeness, if that makes sense, you really needed to of been there, to of grabbed what it’s was like. There were many different clans here, all respectful, all conversing, and all sharing, I spoke with a heap of the bikers, that made the effort to get to this party and only compliments were being passed around as was the acknowledgements of these folks coming together with enthusiasm being shared.

I don’t want go on to much about the negative side which exists in the world we don’t want to be part of,  as I don’t want to bring us down, but I feel it still needs to be said. What this gathering unequivocally proves once again, is that all the propaganda being spewed forth by the Authorities about the biker community is false, we are the living proof, that shows we get along, we don’t need to be chaperoned by the police at great expense to the tax payer, if the authorities have evidence of people breaking the law, go get them, cause they aren’t amongst us. Arrest and convict the people doing the crime, don’t make what we have just experienced and enjoyed, the good comradery we have taken in and have been denied for many years into a crime that is only exists in the minds of the authorities of the man and the people brain washed by the chip wrapper media.

There are a heap of photos with this story, please have a look for yourself, see the weather beaten faces of the men that ride bikes and enjoy a good time, witness for yourself the smiles and laughter of people having a good time, people from all backgrounds, from all walks of life having a great time, the important things, we all have in common is, all the things we hold dear, are… we all ride Bikes and show each other Respect and enjoy our Freedom, don’t ever forget that.

Ride Hard, Ride Well & Watch out for the damn cars.

Write-Up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

All rights reserved © StevePrickleClancy

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