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DIRTY LOVE 3 2016 The weekend that brings folks together.

Hi folks, the Dirty Love Show 2016 was held on the weekend, the skys were powder blue without a cloud the motorcycle gods were looking after us all. A full weekend of fun, shenanigans, and an atmosphere that made you feel as all is well with the world. It’s great to....

come together and feel the love, the love of the two wheeled adrenaline pumping machines were all addicted to. The feelings, im sorry they just can’t be described, they have to be experienced for real. These machines are the garage built, parts that have been scavenged, borrowed, begged, I will stop short of stolen…. Hahaha and assembled in many forms and styles, this is art, that is a picture in the mind of the builder, it is not in stone, it changes with every moment spent molding these machines, until that time and great day of firing up that heart and giving life to a creation that started its beginning as a thought in a mind of the builder that one day had an idea and shared many hours with others of the garage hermits discussing ideas getting greasy, enjoying the life that comes with it, and creating a machine that is loved.

The Saturday of DL3 Pre Party is a big thanks for all those sponsors, and the supporters that pre purchased the support packs which makes this all possible, not to forget the event organizer Jamie Chops Day and his family and the crew of helpers that try and make this event, an event were everyone feels that love. Again that was achieved I feel.

The bike games happened in the afternoon down the back in a shady spot. The Keg push, the slow ride the kick start comp oh it was exceptional. Hosted by Coxy and his helper Baz, and me shooting one liners from the side lines and taking a few photos.  I must say it was great to see how many participants involved themselves, folks must have felt comfortable as there were heaps in the games.  The laughter was great to hear and the blokes getting into these games were having a ball, as they slipped and slide under the power of those old kicked started machines, something happens when it’s said ready set “kick start”  it’s that grassroots level of how machines of old were brought to life “Kick It.”There was an official winner but really that seemed unimportant the blokes had a fat time.

After the games it was all laid back and that continued when a young bloke by the name of Sean Fitzgerald on acoustic guitar started to play, hey I will not be able to do justice to how he sounded, lets just say he had folks in a place they hadn’t been for a long time. I watch the crowd just get so laid back to you know when people say wow these drinks are going down so well and everyone was just so relaxed even when he had finished his set and until, somebody said burn outs, the ears pricked and before we knew it, there was screaming engines, tyres screeching and smoke you couldn’t see through as the competitors continued to burn rubber there wasn’t a breath of wind, so the smoke hung in the air as if it was a foggy morning, it hung around for hours to remind us of what had happened. There was a winner but for me the crowd were the winners to catch a spectacular burn outs of huge proportions and as the shadows grew longer the temperature was dropping quick. The burn outs produced so much smoke the fire brigade come for a look and see what it was later we found out someone up the road saw the smoke and thought something was on fire, ooops…… but the fire brigade didn’t seem to be upset, which was cool, to tell you the truth I reckon they wouldn’t have minded to have a seat and kick back with us.

A chick was getting some body painting done and was happy to be photographed, then once the Sailor Jerry started to be poured, it was on for young and old, well so to speak. The bands for the rest of Saturday night were Relic, Up the Anti and the Dirty F Holes they all played and the crowd rocked on and all was good with the world. I think there might have been a few sore heads in the morning.

In few hours’ time Sunday rolled around which is the day of Dirty Love 3 Bike Show, a mate and myself were there bright and early it was a refreshing cool morning as my fingers were blue and as steam rose from anything that held a little heat. Breakfast was put on by the lady’s at the Bunker of the Vietnam Veterans MC and Veterans MC, bacon and egg rolls were the breaky of champions, well if they weren’t a foot long I’m not here, picture this…..bacon laid out on the roll and two fried eggs side by side for 5 bucks….. unreal…. and a hot brew to go with all this, well I was in heaven. As I scanned the others in the lineup there was some blokes you could see had had a heap of fun with stuff all sleep, and had the hunger of a starving man.

After breakfast it was straight to organizing the bike registration tent. It was all happening, vendors everywhere setting up coming and going, wasn’t long and the blokes that camped here were parking their bikes up and registering for the show. The bikes were rolling in the front gate at a steady pace, slowly filling up the grassed area are we had for the show. Everyone and I mean everyone that come to the registration tent had a huge smile on their faces and all us at the tent kept saying, have a great day, all is well with the world and the simple please and thank you was order of the day and it was all reciprocated, and that’s how the community of bikers flow. Nothing was too big a deal, we supplied pieces of timber for the sidestands and organized the lay out if somebody had some miles to do and need to take off early they were able to get out without a problem.

The crowd was building, the food was flowing and the bands were playing, it was another great day weather wise not a cloud in the sky again. We kept the registration tent going way past the cut off time that is what it’s all about, just go with the flow. Two hours past the shut off time we had to close the registration tent as the tent was need elsewhere.  Judging was being done, and it was time for me to grab the camera and start happy snapping anything and everything whether it moved or not, it was snapped. The folks there were all welcoming to getting photographed, those lovely ladies in the Dirty Love Pageant were absolutely awesome for all the photographers there. They posed and climbed on and off so many bikes it was fabulous. All done in the heat of the day, I asked many if they would mind me grabbing a snap of them and they could not be happier which makes for some great shots. The shots I enjoy the most are the spur of the moment shots, the money shots of folks in a natural pose that don’t know you were even there, believe it or not, the human race has many facets of beauty that we don’t take the time to see.

Must not forget to mention the food that was available there were tacos and burritos, injectable donuts and coffee and buffalo wings and ribs yes ribs all juicy ribs, the people lined up for the food and while they waited they listened to the band, so it says for itself they enjoyed the food, didn’t hear any complaints that says it all hey.

Time flew catching up with blokes and ladies I hadn’t seen for ages, it was then I heard the ten minute call, for the presentations to start, so I made my way to the stage area were everyone were thanked, that thanks went out to everyone involved and trophies were presented, the trophies this year were unreal handmade and so were the wallets as gift with the trophies. So a few more shots and the winners and a few of blokes kick started their machines and were making their way out,  we ended the day with a great cup of coffee,  a slowdown and a chat of what happened on the day. I think we all had sore faces from smiling to go with all the other sore parts from not stopping and it was hugs all round.

Well I really hope you enjoyed the rundown on the Dirty Love 3 and enjoy all the photos from both of the days. I hope you were there and felt what I’ve tried to describe. There may be a possibility that this could be the last Dirty Love Show ever, which would be sad, it was a great journey and when looked back upon in the years to come, we will all smile and remember the Show that was?..... Dirty Love, hope you were part of the heartfelt feelings and joy that bikes bring out in folks, that we call, Dirty Love.

DL3 Pre-Party

DL3 Bike Show

Write-up & Photos

By Steve “Prickle” Clancy

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