Nov 15, 2016 - Posted by: Prickle

A braaaap, to an old favorite bike show.

It was the start of very hot day for November predicted 35 and it looked like it not a cloud in the sky and very still no real breeze to talk about. The day started like many other plans that were made and have fell to the way side,seems I don’t have a life outside of bikes laugh out loud well that’s nothing new.

Anyway, was doing what you do of a morning and I thought to myself, I’m sure I had seen a bike show advertised somewhere, on my travels over that great expanse we call the internet, so I went and checked, yes I was correct and it was one of the longest running shows in its 30th year the Annual Brisbane Street & Custom Bike Show.

So I started to get my head in the right place and managed to get my shit together, well so I thought, still managed to forgot one of my camera lenses, oh this getting old game is such fun, you’ve got to laugh or you’d spend all your time bashing your head into the nearest wall.

Kicked the bike in the guts and I was away and thanks goodness for that cause it seems movement was the only way to get a breeze today. Was a good start to the ride not much on the road, yahoo, but I spoke to soon, wasn’t too long before the Saturday motorway traffic of the entitled bad attitude drivers and the battle of the I’ve got to be in front wankers were everywhere, wow, they must save their weekly frustration up for just this occasion. My job, as I do take it on as my job was to get through this kaos the best way I can and manage not to bring the bike scene into disrepute by kicking doors and taking out mirrors, all the while being educated by the screams from these ego driven entitled wheel bound folks in some sort of control of their metal cages. You know the ones either far left lane or far right lane and want to be in the furthest lane that they are not in, raffertys rules I believe it is called.

Oh what fun it is, to be told whatever maneuver I did was illegal, you can’t do that you #$@%^& so and so, oh… I just did seeya….., don’t forget these changes of direction, speed and angles were all done in a way to keep me out of there control, as they would only be more than happy if you were found under their wheels. Why don’t they worry about themselves, instead of screaming at me, of what they seem to think is illegal, I’m just trying to stay alive and that’s legal in my books?

Any way it wasn’t long and I found a little bit of road that i could call mine for at least a while, only then to feel the adrenaline buzz, up to speed, which is the speed I like, well there is a sign with my posted speed limit in my head with this speed on it, so I’m not lying to mr plod if the occasion arises. Nearly missed the exit but luckily caught it just in time, scooted along some back streets and by this time I’m expecting to be stopped like every year by the police and have the profiling start but surprise to me I must say, none to be seen, well well.

Parked up and while grabbing my camera out of the saddle bags, the g’days start rolling in, as most there I do know or they know me. The first thing was to find some shade, cause did I tell you, it was hot and it’s only spring and to also to get the layout of what’s happening at this show.Wasn’t too many there which is becoming the norm of late, as there are so many events on these days it has become ridiculous. Was a few oldies which I enjoy catching up with, I’m just not that into new stuff that I call catalogue modified. Just my opinion, it seems most here were folk’s weekend rides not many out of the norm customized bikes, most here one would see parked outside any pub on a Saturday arvo.

What is happening to the show scene, as this is happening more and more these days. Could it be the hounding harassment from the police that has tired folks from making the effort to show? Or Could it be the old blokes that have done the shows for years have hit an age and it’s too much effort, maybe or maybe there not feeling the vib, or is it the new on the scene crowd, you know the ones,  kids off their hands and bought a bike that make up the numbers these days. I’ve noticed on my travels within the shows many of the young blokes, you know the ones, the garage builders, and they seem to do their own events and gatherings these days, it makes me question where this will take us. As for me as long as you notice what is going on or for that matter not going on, you can check out whats on around the place and where it’s happening and see if what they are doing can be implemented and improve the old shows that may have become stuck in a rut.  It was good to catch up with a few blokes I hadn’t seen for a while.

The Royal Mail pub or as we call it the “Old Wooden Pub” was pretty empty as well, a few locals in there, but not the normal crowd maybe later on it might come to life, who knows. A young lass selling raffle tickets was the distraction so far and got the blokes all ruffled. By now it was that hot and I was dry as, so in I go and grabbed an ice water with lemon from the same chick, had a chat and headed outside and did a lap of the old pub to try and locate a little breeze, found a spot and sat and just took it all in a while.

Had a chat to a bloke that owned the 74 Norton he was asking if there was any other shows with older bikes like his ol’Norton around the local area, so I gave him all the info on the other shows throughout the year. He was curious of what I do with my photos, so gave him a card and told him to jump onto Chops’s Place.

By this time it was looking like bikes were coming and going at about the same rate, so while I did my final lap as I had photographed everything I needed to, it was a pretty casual laid back show, I said my goodbyes to the lads and packed up and got on the road to get that breeze. I thank the fellas for putting this show on and let’s hope one day it gets to go back to that historic venue we all loved to party at, till late into the early mornings.

Ride Well Ride Hard

Write Up & Photos

By Steve “Prickle” Clancy

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