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A Day at the Bike, Trike & Sidecar Show 2017

The weather for the day started out warm and got hotter for this the 17th year running of the Bikes, Trikes & Sidecars Show hosted by the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Motorcycle Club Qld Chapter down at the Bunker. Yep you heard right this show which started in the year 2000 has been going strong....

for 17 years which is a great effort in itself.Some folks forget that shows take a lot of organizing and sponsors are to be gotten, food, grog, lawns manicured, entertainment and with all that people power within this club to do it all. A big shout out of thanks, firstly to the ladies of the vets for another year of wholesome homemade tucker for all of us to take part in. To all the Club members for your great hospitality and being made to feel oh so welcome.

The show run all day without a visual hitch through all the events, the show judging, the tossing the keg, the Burn- Out comp which might I add was one of the best I’ve seen smelt and felt in a long time, a lot of popping of black hoops this year, as the boys and girl were not holding back as they rung those throttles to fever pitch.

This year seemed to have a very different assortment of bikes in the show and a lot of paint works that made you get lost looking deep into them for their detail. Seems murals are making a comeback and are the flavor at the moment. All quality themes and finishes a few touches of gold this year as well. Not many sidecars this year surely there has got to be a sidecar club around the area as there seems to be a club for every occasion continue to come on the scene.

As I walked amongst the bikes and the many vendor stalls taking some photographs of what I could and listening to Mark the MC for the day and his music tracks, it give me time to look at the peoples faces as I meander on no set course and it’s refreshing to see smiles, hand shacks, arms around shoulders and the embraces of the blokes and chics,  it goes to show some parts of this scene we live, is alive and well as I witness this from what I like to call the well warn & weathered folk,  that I have seen at events such as this for years, I dislike the word old intensely, we aren’t old we are well worn & weathered and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Then I heard a sound that brought me out of my thoughts, it was a sound, might I add a distinctive sound, an original sound and as I got closer to the stage he started to interact with the crowd and sing in style all his own. This young bloke is only 16 but if I could predict his future I would say he has a great future in the music industry his name is Alex Kosenko, that surname may ring a bell to some who read this. A bare foot one man band, playing electric acoustic guitar, drum, sliding on his cigar box guitar and that harp, boy oh boy Alex and his harmonica are something to hear. Again this young bloke will go far and when folks ask who he sounds like…. he sounds like no one else, this is genuine, if you ever get the chance like we did on this day to sit and listen, I highly recommend it.

Just to name a few of the vendors that make the effort to come along, Biker Against Child Abuse B.A.C.A. , Harrys Custom Bike Works, Koolsville, Heavy Duty Motorsports, UMCQ, Jewellery with Attitude, Briar Hill Motors, Qld Motorcycle Paint N Panel, if I’ve forgotten anyone I do apologize. So if you’re after anything they do, look them up.

It was fantastic to see these industries supporting this show and also to see a bloke that has done it hard having his trade taken away from him and his employees by the Qld Government, and not to get to political, he has been stopped from making a living through tattooing. Mick hasn’t let them keep him down though, as he is a man of many talents as we saw on the day with his airbrushing skills and designs on all the gear from Koolsville.

The crowd seemed to just build but it never seemed to be crowded, it was like the crowd just stayed at one level as folks were arriving and leaving at the same rate if you can imagine that.

It was announced the Burnout competition sponsored by Heavy Duty Motorsports was about to get under way so it wasn’t long, the burnout pad was surrounded by eager viewers, us photographers seem to get prime positions. The competitors were not halfhearted this year as I mentioned earlier. They were slip sliding, missing gears hitting rev limiters and blowing tyres like you wouldn’t believe. The young blokes in the Veterans MC did a good job a few got cuts and bumps as we know burnouts comps are a full contact sport. It’s also not hard to see the uninitiated spectators who might have stood in the wrong spots, when you see the colour of them and their clothes from the burnt rubber that spewed all over them.

This place has everything you would want a great atmosphere, entertainment, food, drink, great music, you can even go for a grassy stroll down the back by the creek. I asked my mate Bad Baz who happens to be the President of this club as he strolled by, if he could order a good stiff breeze for this afternoon and he said he would see what he could do, how’s that for service. As the sun started getting lower in the sky the people started to lay on the large grassy field of the bike show, the breeze started to cool things off just a little and long shadows were made available more and more with the setting sun and as the bikes were leaving making room.

We got through the trophy presentation without a hitch. It was good to see how many stayed to collect their trophies, the VP Muzz was on the microphone and did the job of handing those lucky winners their trophies for all the different categories, also thanking everyone for attending and supporting this great event. One name did stand out to me and that was George from the Misfits MCC he won the burnout comp, yes well when you are looking through all the photos there is a photo in the collection of this show of a bike with a tyre split right down the middle the number plate bracket hung over the foot peg and might I add deep scratches on the duck tail of a recently muraled Little Mick paint job, oh George you’ve done it again.

Well with all the official jobs out of the way it was time for a few of us to go grab one of the great homemade hamburgers and a cuppa coffee off of the lovely ladies and for us to relax for a while. As we enjoyed our feed under the appreciated breeze made by the ceiling fan, we chatted and reflected back over the day and the funny things that had happened to few of us throughout the day, and the mates that we run into that we haven’t seen in such a long time.

It wasn’t long and the last event on the days calendar was under way and which only happens after all the little children have left for home and that is the Wet T-Shirt competition sponsored by Harrys Custom Bike Work, there seemed to be no shortage of contenders this year, once they were all wearing their Harrys singlets and the ice water was prepared it was underway there was quite a few rounds and you never get out without getting drenched it’s a hard job and somebody has to do it,  the crowd was vocal as ever  and some were as funny as with their grasp of the Australian language, but after many rounds and some had to be repeated of course it’s the biker way there was a winner, don’t ask me who won , as they are all winners just for getting up there and having a go, but I could describe her to you, it was definitely a chic , so there ya go…….

So after all that excitement the band started, their name Grumpy Old Men pretty damn fitting when you think where we were really, let me just say this, it has been said many a times before when describing somebody while at the bunker, never say you looking for the bloke with grey hair and a beard, cause that’s only going to end in tears.

Well a few of us grabbed a drink and went and sat under that fan and talked and laughed and listened to the band till after midnight and then Feral and I looked at each other when Nugget from the Veterans come walking past to only announce, hey it’s raining,  well the look on our faces said it all, I won’t say what we said but it did start with F…. you work it out, seeing we both were about to ride home, turned out not to be so bad as it seemed it only rained over the Bunker, maybe Baz ordered it so the boys could all go home as it started just on closing time. Well the ride home was done on dry roads and the cool breeze on the exposed sunburned skin felt real good.

So folks, I know I’m about to repeat myself to some, but come on this is a great event, so please mark down on your calendars the 2nd Saturday in March that’s when this Bike, Trike & Sidecar Show is on every year. Click the link below to have a look at all the photos who knows you might see your bike or you and a friend. Come and support the blokes from the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Motorcycle Club that have and are supporting all of us, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

So until next we meet, Ride Well, Ride Long, Ride Hard and stay away from those damn cars.

Write-up & Photos By Steve Prickle Clancy

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