Apr 8, 2017 - Posted by: Prickle

A Cruise to Koolsville

Well this Koolsville gig was to be held last week, but Mother Nature had something to say about that. As she held a cat4 cyclone up north, which left the rest of us down south with a rain depression that had to be dealt with. To all those that have lost, I hope you all get back on your feet, and wish you all the best....

Well a week later and the sky was full of stars and the path I took was dry. I can’t say the same for the traffic on the M1 as we all know those that travel this road it’s a gridlock nightmare, which isn’t as bad when you’re on two wheels, just a friendly reminder to filtering between the vehicles, once they change the speed limit signs below 90 and don’t use, the edge filtering, or the man will empty your wallet of 365 bucks and 3 points, ouch!!!

Ya can’t complain all that much, a lot of the drivers made room and a friendly wave back or a thank you on the way past can only help with us riders to get the message out there, that most of us, are good blokes and filtering is a legal way of getting us out of the road of a rear ender. Once off the highway and onto the back streets you could relax and enjoy the ride for what it is, that bit of freedom we all desire to achieve whenever we can. Wasn’t long and I was making a u turn at the lights, cause I always miss the Koolsville Studios entrance any way never miss it on the second go at it …

As I parked up I noticed a few of the usual heads, was good to see a few shovels had ventured out, nothing like seeing a bike getting kick started, well for an old boy like me its memory lane, turned my bike off grabbed the camera gear from the saddlebags and started, shutter bugging. As I wandered through the folks taking shots and meet and greeting the folks you know and making new friends as you go, my old man always taught me to put your hand out, it will either be accepted or not, but you know where you stand, must say over a life time so far, very few times it’s not accepted. Alex and the band was pumping it out and Alex’s comedy is on the up and up.

Mick, Tracey and the rest of his family with the help of their friends, put this launch on for Micks political career as an Independent and why not have a Bike and Car Show at the same time, any excuse to have a show of the 2 & 4 wheel variety. It was a laid back affair, as we’ve always said when at Koolsville Studios it’s just that, a Kool place to hang and catch up for a chat, if we could make money from chatting we’d all be flaming millionaires. Thanks for a great night had by all, I’m sure you did, as I had a fantastic night and I didn’t even win a raffle.

A bit of background of why Mick has decided to take the path of politics. Imagine one morning waking up and being told if you go to work and do what you have done, for the last thirty odd years, you would now be arrested, well that is what has happened to him. As you could imagine how that has affected him and his family, which he has provided for year after year. As he spoke last night he mentioned he speaks with a lot of people every week and they all are not happy with how politicians are not and haven’t for a very long time, been listening or addressing the problems which are effecting their constituents, these concerns are relevant and are very important to the people living it and being affected by it,  the two party preferred system that the people keep electing is not working, and again a vote for the greens is a vote for Labor and a vote for one nation is a vote for the LNP and any other combinations you can come up with and at the end of all of this is, we are voting, not for the best, but for the least worse and we the people are never going to get the help we all need by continuing down that track, don’t you agree?

So Mick has embarked on a journey of the Independent member of parliament and hopes others will make a stand in their electorates as Independents and achieve what these old and set in their own way partys, can’t achieve, that is to govern a state, which is Queensland in a way that the people are being served and helped by their representatives, for people to be able to access proper medical and metal health facility’s, schools to be the educators, we need to excel and grow this state, for laws to be for all, for the judiciary to be able to do their jobs without interference from the executive Governments. We need a breath of fresh air in the parliamentary process. We the people need to be heard, as its Micks and our hard earned tax dollars that is running this state, so have a voice in what its used for and be listened to, for a change. So look into what Mick Kosenko is up to, in his electorate of Pine Rivers and if you’re in a different electorate look into who your independents are and get in their ears about what you and your families want, let’s look for change and give someone else a go, really what have we to lose.

Anyway enough of the politics for now, quite a few turned out, always some new bikes and rods turn out at Koolsville events and tonight was no different, I must apologize for the dark photos, they are a bit dark, but I haven’t bought a bigger flash as yet, maybe if I keep doing night shoots ol’Santa might bring me a you beaut flash, hahaha. So it is what it is, really what you are seeing in the shots is the way you would have seen it on the night through your own eyes.

Getting home was easy as, no traffic and the cool air was loved by both my Trumpy and me, just something about riding on a clear cool night, you just don’t want to stop, so I took the long way home, stopped for fuel had just finished fueling and the garage lost power, glad it was only just up the road from my place as I had to go back to pay this morning, the honesty system still exists and  the trust of the biker is still there when you live by the words of Respect, Honour, Loyalty and Honesty. I don’t know about you but I’m sure you’re just like me, when out and about on your ride, you’re an ambassador for all that ride, remember that and until we meet, may it be on the road or by these words, ride well, watch out for those damn cars and hope you enjoyed the read.


Write-up & Photos by Steve Prickle Clancy

© All rights reserved

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