Apr 18, 2017 - Posted by: Prickle

Cobweb Blowout to the Mulgowie Pub

Was a picture perfect autumn day, you know the ones when you can feel that little chill in the air and your bike just feels like it has a crispness to it and responds like a stallion on heat snorting and bucking and heads shakes that makes you feel alive? Well I met up with some good blokes from the Celtic Warlocks out at their clubhouse, after the.....

handshakes and g’days were done, we were out of their driveway and up the Mt Lindsay highway we took some roads I hadn’t been on for years, all those back roads that the highway dweller never gets to experience. The roads are in a mess after that rain depression we just experienced a few weeks back, had to really look further ahead to catch the patches of broken tar and stay well away from the edges, but when snaking your way with other blokes that can ride we all looked out for each other, a finger point here or a boot there to point to the hazards, we made sure we were not going to allow another mate to fall into these road hazards. You could follow the bloke in front knowing if he went off line there was a reason for that, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ridden with other packs only to near brake my back or have many near misses, so it was great when you have a blast with others that know what they are doing.

We headed out on the back roads near Ipswich, Grantham, Rosewood, Warril View, all the twists and turns. There was times I did not know where I was and then you would see a view or a mountain range and get your bearings again, it was great fun, that you can only get on a bike, on a day like it was, riding these country back roads. Well they say time flies when you’re having fun, well it did especially when you’re totally entrenched into the ride we were having, as we slowed coming into Mulgowie brought me out of my trance, as i started to have a stretch, the pub was coming into view, parked and grabbed the camera out of the saddlebags, I never go anywhere these days without the memory catcher.

The Mulgowie Pub is one of those real country pubs that oozes personality of an Australian Pub, with its strategically placed wagon wheels and water cranks, corrugated iron and huge slabs of timber. So the meal orders were placed, and with refreshments going down well, gave us some time to catch up on all the goings on around the place and what mods have been done and what lock washers are the best, see it seems the old Harleys are still shaken themselves silly, well the older ones in this case and I was educated as well about mercury balancers being used in all areas not just bike cranks. It was a relaxed affair and plenty of laughs to be had, that’s for sure. The meals came out in order and as we put the feed bags on we spoke of days of old and what we see in the future for the bike community we are all part of, we also had plenty to say about the roads we just tore up. The meals were all big and well-made and did I say delicious, well the steak sandwich I had was melt in the mouth tender and there was no complaints from anyone that’s for sure, the service was excellent and all priced well. Once we had taken our fill it was nice to sit in a high ceilinged area were you had a nice breeze. Well the call was given that once the drinks were gone we would head off and as we agreed, some of the blokes went and got another, funny as us Aussies and our drinks.

Well it was that time to say thanks to the pub stuff and complements all round to the staff and a slow stroll to the bikes were it was decided most of us needed to top up for the trip home. It was decided we could head through Laidley into Plainlands to the Caltex garage to grab some fuel and we kept a good pace for the run home. As we got near to the turn offs for some of the blokes they would blast to the front to give the wave and off they rode, the numbers dwindled till I to gave a wave on my turn off and pushed for home.  A big thanks goes out, firstly for the invite and to the good blokes I rode with, on some great roads and for the hospitality shown by the blokes of the Celtic Warlocks.

Write Up & Photos

By Steve Prickle Clancy

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