May 16, 2017 - Posted by: Prickle

An Autumn Afternoon Spent at Koolsville’s Open Day.

So we made our way from Canungra at a leisurely pace, looking for a place to put the feed bag on. Made our way to the M1 highway where we waved off Wayne then Stew and the 3 of us left kept that pace. By this time I'm in a world of my own, I had forgotten all about looking for.....

places to eat and was nodding away to the music in my head when I hear a Harley approaching look in my left mirror it was Chops he was pointing at the Shell Nudgee meal sign so with a quick thumbs up we were on the exit road headed to grab some food.

We all grabbed a Kabab someone said it healthy it's got a salad on it, yeah and the grease that was filling the bag was sign it was real healthy, yeah maybe not, anyway it certainly hit the spot in between eating and drinking we spoke about what we saw at the show we had just been to. This place we were in was full of or so it seemed with a thousand kids that just wanted to scream so we scoffed down our food and finished our drinks and got ourselves out of there, real quick.

As extracted ourselves from the car park and back on the highway, which wasn't going at such a slow pace but it is what it is, in our favour we didn't have long to go to get to the depot road turn off, as soon as we got off that slow coach of a highway we were able to set a pace that was only interrupted by bloody red lights, but we turned that into a competition of reaction times at each red light. There were quite a few small groups of bikes heading the opposite way to us, so one would assume they had gone to Koolsville early stayed a short while and are off for a ride somewhere else. Just about at Koolsville and as usual I'm looking for the entrance, for some reason I normally miss it, but the blokes went around me and straight up the driveway, on entering there was a big crowd which was really great to see.

Koolsville proprietors Mick & Tracey Kosenko normally have a once a year family event but this one was a little special, to say the least. Some of you may not know what had happened to this family, so I will endeavour to give you a run down on what has happened to Little Mick and his family and it goes to show you what a government can do to anyone, not just to this family but to any other family as well. With a simply vote the LNP Newman government introduced laws which took away liberties of those they felt like playing games with. Remember the LNP had a major majority in Parliament, so you would think these laws would have still passed if all the other opposition politicians voted against these ridiculous laws, but no every politician in Parliament voted these laws in, they all stuck their hands in the air. So on the day of the 17th October 2013, all the executive felt like declaring the Motorcycle Clubs as criminal organisations. It was carried out with a stroke of a pen by the executive level of Government, not a court in sight and with no way of putting your side of the argument across. So to cut a very long story short, the LNP decided that people in the tattoo industry like Mick were all money launders, what proof you might ask, well the proof is not needed when a political party has a majority to lead as dictators. So it was decreed all tattooists must apply for a licence to be able to continue their trade. Many were refused their licence with no explanation apart from, you didn't pass the "fit and proper person" part of these laws, yes you heard right.

So folks, now others like Mick and his family, were made to stop tattooing including his employees and their families were at the mercy of the Government. Many tattoo artists were also out of work and had to apply to try and get licences but they would have to work in somebody else’s licenced shops as Mick had to shut the Tattoo side of his business.

So now you have a little understanding of what has gone on. So this Koolsville event was a special one, as Mick had again applied for his Tattoo Licence and since the change in Government, he has been given his tattoo licence. This event was the place for Mick and Family to say thanks to everyone and to all the support they have received over the years, lesser folks would have folded up long ago, and they couldn't have held off and tried to fight much longer either as believe it when I say to you Freedom is not Free it comes at great cost. Why and how did this happen, you may ask?, well with another political party the Labor party got into power and voted the laws were to be modified and there was a different prerequisite of what a fit and proper person is, but don't ask me what it is, because the government won't tell us either.

So this was a great celebration, big congrats to the Koolsville crew and for all the support they had received from their good customer's, friends and mates, you could feel it in the air.

The music flowed compliments to Alex and his one man band, what's this I noticed he had two girls playing and singing with him for a few sets. Wasn't till later I found out the girls have their own band but for the special occasion, they got together, fantastic.

Looking around at all the smiles and happy faces, I glanced over at Mick he had a smile on his dial like the cat that had gotten the cream, I could see that the stress that had plagued him had been lifted, he was at ease, he took a break from the past week of tattooing to air brush up a few items for the folks and their children, he's great at doing this and so quick, which shows in itself he has been doing this for more years than he would like to admit too.

The mix of Hotrods, Classics, Modifieds, and Rat, of both Bikes and Cars, was terrific and the numbers just kept growing till late afternoon. After all the speeches and trophies were handed out, Mick stated he will still be running as an Independent at the next Qld state election which is a good thing. It's time for these political parties to be held accountable and without an upper house, we need Independents to keep the rest of these bastards honest.

So let's hope and pray that some common sense will prevail as we don't need to lose any more of our rights and liberties, which can be easily stolen from us as we've witnessed. Please don't be the frog in the pot and question everything and anything the government might be doing, because rest assured, it's not done with you in mind, that's been proven time and time again.

When you click on the link below you will be able to view all the shots I got on the day and as the shadows got longer it was time to say our goodbyes and thank you for the day. Hope to see you all at the next Koolsville get together, bring the family, grab a sausage sizzle and a cold drink and have a wander around all the vehicles on show, we are all a friendly talkative bunch so you're sure to make a friend and don't forget kids there is a jumping castle there with your name on it.

Well, until next we meet remember to ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

Write-up & Photos

By Steve Prickle

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