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A Cracker of a Day Spent with B.A.C.A.®

Hey Folks, this gig I always have marked on my calendar, as these are good honest folk that do a marvellous job looking after the little people with no voice, the children of our community. B.A.C.A®, is not a social club or a motorcycle club yet they probably do more miles and spend more time on their bikes than the most of us....

Whenever they are called to task, they are there for the children and their families no matter the time day or night. This is an organisation that have a job to do by their creed and fulfil their duty to the highest order and quality they can. So, folks that was just a little about what these and many worldwide B.A.C.A®. members do volunteering their time, as this is their life, their mission that they have agreed to uphold.

On the run up to this event, oh boy my ears pricked when the all reliable “not” we call weather forecasters had the days leading up and including the day, we were going to receive 3 months’ worth of rain in 3 days yep that’s what they said. So that sent me into now where did I put my weather gear? When you’ve ridden as long as I, you just don’t have a set of wet weather gear you, well I know I do, have accumulated enough wet weather gear to fill a small store all the assortments of dry’s a bone long and short and plastic pants as well as oilskins pants and gaiters that keep my little feet dry and on and on and on it goes, which I will not bore you with. So picture this my living room with all this gear spread from one end to the other neatly of course which you wouldn’t have thought it was by the look on the wife’s face and the dog turning its head from side to side in total confusion. Well, I said, I will leave all this here and in the morning I will see how bad the weather was going to be and I will choose then.

Well, the morning had come and I awoke from dreams of riding through bad weather to be met with as I threw the bedroom curtains open to be met with a spectacular blue sky and dry roads. So a roar of jubilation went up to it being dry and fine and as I made my way to the living area with all the gear I said to the wife well I won’t be needing any of this, and I will sort it when I get home tonight, to which I hear in response don’t worry it will still be where it is. Grabbed the camera and video camera and packed the saddlebags, check the chain tension, all good there and tyre pressure they needed a little so kicked the compressor over and fixed the lacking air pressure, it always pays and a good thing to get in the habit of checking tyre pressure and chain tension also engine oil level and see if all the lights are working before you ride.

Top up on fuel on the way and headed to the start at Gasolene Alley at Slacks Creek here in Brisbane. There was quite a few here but it is Saturday morning, so they have their regular clientele coming and going and a Saturday morning sausage sizzle which attracts quite a few. After getting a few pre-ride photos, Nifty gave the crowd a rundown of what the B.A.C.A® 100 mile worldwide ride is all about and what to look forward to the rest of the day. Once that was all done we moved our way to our bikes and got going. Was good to get out of the Saturday morning traffic that’s for sure with fifty odd bikes following trying to keep together but as was said we would stop and group up so nobody had to worry about being left behind.

Once the pace was set and everyone found where they wanted to be in the pack it was a nice cruise to our first stop and on old country pub at Harrisville called the Royal Hotel Harrisville. The Harrisville Pub is one of the oldest in the region established in 1857. This pub was a house which was converted into a pub and she stood proudly until it was engulfed by fire and was destroyed by fire in June of 1916. The Pub was rebuilt in 1920 on the same block of land and in the style that she appears today. If you would like to know more on this Pubs history just click on the pub name and you will be taken to the appropriate page. When we arrived out the front of the pub we all parked up and I as always had to go the opposite way with parking as Nifty said typical and I answered I will never conform you know that, as we both laughed and agreed.

Everyone went and got their beverage and wash the dust from their throats, as I was taking photos Dick from the Misfits MCC kindly grabbed me a coke which really hit the spot, thanks mate. As I continued to photograph and film, I heard my name called, it was Nifty letting me know that the Vintage and Veteran motorcycle club was camping here for the weekend and they and their old bikes were out the back, so we took a wander out back there was certainly some old bikes I think the old was 1908 and their custodians were eager to tell their stories, which all seemed to pay attention too. The ten-minute call was given, we said our thanks and goodbyes to the old blokes and their ageing steeds and made our way back to our bikes for the next stop which is the lunch stop but before that, we had some good roads to enjoy.

As we traveled out of Harrisville my thoughts were with those vintage bikes as one of the stories were all the things you had to do just to start them and all this was done during war times, with bullets flying past you, these days there are no bullets flying past you and all that is needed is your thumb to hit a button to bring your ride to life and away you go, we have it easy these days, don’t you think?

From memory we head out and through peak downs once out the back of there through Purga as with coming this way the memories of days gone by with weekend rally at Purga Creek, then across and through Rosewood up the range at Marburg which I couldn’t get over the liquid tar stripes on this section of road, I did mention it later at lunch were others said the same they would also hate to ride it in the rain, don’t get me wrong it’s a great bit of road, but it is in need of replacement as it’s at its used by date and any further repair would not be in the best interest of road safety especially on two wheels.

Over the Marburg range and we were at our lunch time stop at the Glamorgan Vale Pub, this pub did shut down for quite some time by the looks somebody thought she could be resurrected into a going concern spent a fist full of dollars on this establishment to what it is today a lovely country hotel with delicious wholesome cooked meals and a warm and welcoming embrace when you come in through those doors you are meet with a smile and what are you having well once the drinks were gotten we moved to the two level beer garden paid our $15 dollars for a beautiful Roast meal the ladies put the meat on the plate and the rest was up to you to load up on roast potatoes and roast pumpkin, peas and carrots and heaps of gravy, oh, you can’t forget the gravy. As I said good wholesome tucker at a great price and when I looked around the room I saw a room full of folks, with the biggest smiles on their faces so that’s a winner as well, don’t you think? Everybody’s happy!!!!

After my lunch, I got to go around to most of the tables and take some shots of happy people enjoying their food and drinks and a day out in the country with people with something in common Bikes and all in the name of child protection by B.A.C.A.® The raffle tickets were bought up and a little while later the raffle was drawn and you guessed it …. Yep, I didn’t win it, some other lucky person did.

So the ten-minute call went out and before we knew it bikes were all warmed up we had begun the second last leg, which was a leisurely pace and on roads that were sign posted 100ks and not too many ruts and potholes while we rode along with full stomachs and thirsts that had been quenched. All I could think about is how good it’s been not to spend too long at any of the stops, as it makes you feel you have spent more time on the bikes riding. Out along the Warrego Highway and took the Goodna turn off, a few stops signs and majestic turns if I say so myself, and we were parking up at one of the best little-hidden secrets of a pub which is officially called the Royal Mail, but what we frequenters call the Old Wooden Pub. This pub has been said to be the best Blues and Roots venues not just here in Brisbane but all of Australia and it didn’t let us down as the music was flowing out the door and into the street, as we were taking our helmets off we were met with the tunes. So if you are looking for something to do and want some great sounds check out the up and coming bands and gigs just click the Pubs name it’s a live link to take you to the page you’re after, hey, don’t forget to come back….

This stop was our music stop alright as it often is and Tec one of the hosts of this ride, asked if I wanted a beer, well seeing as it is I don’t drink alcohol, long story, sorry don’t drink buddy but a schooner of water would be great and in a flash I had the coldest schooner of water with ice, thanks Tec. We just stood out the front of this old pub and tap our feet and took in the vibe, got a few shots of the duo playing. It’s hard to pull one’s self away from places like this when the atmosphere is so inviting it doesn’t take much to bed in for the night but alas we had places to be which would be our last stop.

Took a little while for folks to drag themselves away from the old wooden pub onto their bikes, it wasn’t long heading down the highway we were at our destination which is another frequently haunted place for the majority of us called “The Bunker” which is the clubhouse and grounds of the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Motorcycle Club which happily open their doors for us that want to put events on such as this ride. After all the greetings and such from all the blokes we were being serenaded by Blind Jack which happens to be a gentleman which just happens to be blind, playing the guitar and singing some favorite tunes, wow hey, I’m fully sighted and struggle to get a tune out of a six-string, this fella had a heap of tunes, great to see him plucking away and even better to hear him.  Then when the Blind Jack had a break a mate by the name of Jammer or Boogieman to some, played a couple of tunes, one of which was an improv piece, which was just out of this world.

The few of us at our table were starting to get a bit peckish, Aussie slang for hungry, so we all put our order into the pizza truck, meat lovers and pizzas with the lot were the orders and I ask who wants a coffee Dick was the only one that took up the offer, so I went and made that up timed it well cause the pizzas were ready and delivered to our table, wow what great service. It was good pizza hey, it went down well and that second coffee really hit the spot for this coffee addict. Around 7 pm some foot stomping blues was echoing as 4 String Phil belted out some great tunes and even played his cigar box guitar with only one string, unreal to say the least, well with a full belly and great music and standing amongst some really good people that were all having a great old time the night looked as though it was going to be a memorable one, by that time it was time for this little black duck, to pack up the camera gear and say my thanks and goodbyes which did take a while.

I must put a huge thanks out there to B.A.C.A® for a fantastic day as always you have excelled yourselves once again. Big thanks to the Bunker crew for the place to hold a great after party and to all that attended this day, remember this couldn’t happen without you folks. Well, folks, as you’ve read this, it was a spectacular day that I know I will be talking about for years to come. I really don’t know anywhere in Brisbane or anywhere else for that matter, you can get a great ride, drinks, lunch and dinner and an evening entertainment great company for under a $70 bucks, well this full day was well under that, including my fuel for the day, and you get to spend it with some awesome people, that volunteer their time for the little ones that need real help.

So I say it a lot I know, but if this is the only time you hear me please mark this one in your calendars and make the effort to come along, you will be welcomed with open arms and take it from me your bit of coin goes to the children and some little treats for them that they get so much out of, you can’t measure it.

So until we meet up out there on the road somewhere, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

All the photos from the day can be view just click on this link below. Thanks.....

Write-up & Photos
By Steve Prickle

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