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Into the Twilight at the God’s Squad Show.

It was an afternoon show which was something out of the ordinary way of doing things. Another thing that stuck with me, it was a show of both cars, hot rods and motorcycles of all makes and models, which has not happened much in the bike scene of late. Well, the...

boys of the God's Squad Christian Motorcycle Club couldn’t have wished for better winter weather for their show. A calm day with luscious powder blue skys and the temp was a bit on the cool side, well it was while riding to this event.

When I arrived, I was asked to park with the rest of the bikes. The paddock was filling at a good pace, the cars were some real lookers. The music was at a level that one could still hear, and you could make out what was being sung, which is a scarce thing these days. As I made my way around to get some shots of everything I could, there were the usual suspects here at this event but having the car folk there it made a real change to be able to click some shots of their pride and joys.

The pizza van was making a great trade, as was the coffee truck as the line grew. The day, as I said, was a casual affair folk all smiles and talkative easy to get a nod, and “a how’s it going” when that occurs it makes for comfortable shooting. A mate I had not seen in a few years came up and said g’day what a surprise it was when I turned around, it took a bit for it to click, it was Fish, was great to see the bloke again. Most of the day was spent catching up on what has been going on in the scene, me wanting to know about how the Melbourne scene has been going. He wanted to get up to speed on what was happening around the place up here, as Qld bike scene has changed massively since living here, just then Fish announced, he and the wife had moved back up here, well that was fantastic news.

He shouted a coffee which I was grateful for and thanked him, all the while we caught up on all the bike scene was doing, interrupted only in saying hi to others as they walked by. The time flew hey, and a couple of blokes wanted to know about the Victory that Fished owned, so while he was selling Victories which we joked about later, I took the chance to take some more shots and grab some clips of video, that I am dabbling in of late.

As I was making my rounds of videoing, I noticed on my phone my ol’mate Feral had messaged me. You might be wondering why I was looking at my phone while videoing. Well, the little Sony video camera I have, it uses an app on my phone, so the phone is your viewing scene. It shows what you’re shooting, and you can start and stop and change setting all on the screen of the phone, good hey. This modern day technology of both photography and videoing is mind blowing. Even this old bloke wishes this gear was around years ago, but hey I am learning and enjoying the journey about how to edit both video and stills and sound and getting them all together in a way that might even tell its own story.

But I digress, now what was I was trying to say, oh that’s it Ferals text. The time flew, and the sun was setting, I sent a text back to answer Feral, just as I hit the send button, a hand was felt on my shoulder,  a “G’day mate” was heard, yep Feral made an effort to come along even though most participants had left. We spoke and spoke as we both do when we get together most cannot get a word in edge wise. The sun had begun to set, in winter it was not long, and it was dark. So while we caught up, I packed the camera gear away. The temp was dropping, and the dew was already upon us, so we both decided it was time to head off. With that, Feral used the leg of his jeans to dry the seat of my bike of dew. Now, that folks, is a real mate, I thanked him for that noble gesture.  We both warmed our bikes and said our goodbyes and be wells. The ride home for me was filled with fog and chills in the low places, the stars were bright in the black sky. Once I started to a climatise to the cold, my mind was drawn back to a day that was filled with surprises. The day unfolded in away that you couldn’t have planned. Most of the ride home was, well let us just say sign posted at 100 kph.

Folks, this event that the God's Squad put together was enjoyed by everyone well that’s my observation, as all I saw were smiles and cheers and hands extended in a gesture of friendship. The people were not there to win anything, as no judging was done nor trophies bought nor given. So, for me, it was a gathering of like-minded folk not after the gains that are typically involved with shows, but to unknowingly give back in friendship and gestures of contentment to bring their pride and joys to excite others by what they saw but for no material gain... To socialise in a way that is of benefit to others, that they may not have even known. For me, this is more valuable than anything else in my life, if we must label it, some call friendship, others mateship,  for me, it is what I call being human, the act of giving more than ever receiving.

So, folks, this was the inaugural show, let us all hope the God's Squad will continue to host it in the same manner, as it was a most enjoyable afternoon that slipped into the twilight.

So until we meet again, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.


Write-up & Photos & Video

By Steve Prickle

© All rights reserved

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