Aug 21, 2017 - Posted by: Prickle

GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival Rocks the Bayside.

You know that one day of the year that you do something that is unique. Well for me that’s GreazeFest, it is a fantastic way to spend a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or all three days, but for me, it was Sunday this year.  The weather well...

how can I say it started off a bit overcast and we did get some showers over night. As the morning progressed, the winter chill was in the air, and the cloud disappeared and left a powder blue sky which turned it into a glorious day.

I heard this year's event had been the best and largest in the 18 years of GreazeFest, which goes to show Lori Lee and her crew know what the people want and how to get it to them. The entertainment never stopped, spoilt we were with all the fabulous and talented bands all the lovely pin up ladies that go to so much trouble to make an entrance that just blows your mind. The music, well it's to die for and the couples that spend the hours and days hoofing it on the dance floor this era of dance was all consuming, to say the least.

The whole place was full of effervescent people, or as they said back in the day Antsville man,  these folks know how to have a blast. The energy that was in the air was electric you just can't help getting caught up in the moment, where thinking is not part of what you're doing, it’s just all instinct. The music, the beat, the noise of the people, it all just keys to make it a magic place.

After perusing the dance floor and eateries, taking my time walking around through the people I was taking photographs of what I hoped to be natural shots, all the time still making my way through the peeps to get down to where all the cars, hot rods, bikes and vendor stalls were.  Just then I felt my phone was vibrating, turned out it was a mate that was here as well, so we arranged to meet up. Went and took a few shots of some of the fabulously looked after hot rods and some real nice classics. I was setting up a shot when I got a poke in the ribs, it was a mate of mine Feral, and he brought his wife out for the day. Overall these years I had never met his wife, it was good to put a face to the name. We chatted for awhile then Ferals trouble and strife as he affectionately calls her, made the call they needed to have a look around as they had only just gotten there. So as they walked, I once again got back into taking some shots and enjoying the music and the great winter weather we were having with powder blue sky.

So once I had taken quite a few shots, I decided it was time to get back to the crowd which was getting larger on the dance floor and the marvellously talented bands on the day.  As I made my way into the covered area with stage and dance floor, I noticed a pair of buggers I had not seen in a while.  Indian and Trumpy, so after hellos were said, I find out they too were here with their wives having a day out, good stuff, as mostly it is just the blokes at most of the club events we attend. Took a couple of photos of them for proof they were there and got back to my business.

Anyway, folks, Greazefest I believe cannot be described by just words, so please click the link below and check out the 400 odd shots I took on the day, enjoy and tell your friends, mark early August in your diary and get yourself along to Greazefest, promise you will have a ball.

So, until we meet again, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

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By Steve Prickle

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