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Dirty Love 4. Exhilarating, Spectacular and left us wanting more.

Dirty Love Show, well what can I say, let me try to create a picture for you all. A little history about the Dirty Love concept this show has been around 5 years, one year was missed, so 4 shows in 5 years. This year the format had been changed. It was a....

3-day show in the year's gone by, but this year it was tried out as a 1-day show and after party camp over grab breaky and take off Sunday sometime, from what I could see it was a success. It's an event that is about fun times, bikes from an era I and others grew up in pre 84, babes from the 50’s and 60’s, Artwork and some Music with a fresh persuasion, this gathering is as laid back as one can get. This year's Dirty Love seemed to have a lot more folks coming through the gates.  There was a constant flow of people, setting up and entering their bikes. General admission started at midday and the families were in numbers which is always great to see, heaps of vendors selling their wares and the weather was, well blue skies and some breeze with a temp under thirty for me it was fantastic.

As with every year at this event, a couple of buddies Stew, Feral and myself, well, we run the Dirty Love bike show. Run the bike show sounds a bit stiff,  here's a wrap up of how the bike happens, we chat with blokes about their bikes when they approach the registration tent while taking down all their bikes particulars, after that, they get an information tag and number to tie to their bikes. They are accompanied to where we would like them to park up. Ya see we like to park them up so we can make sure there is enough room for photographers to get some really awesome shots. Like the whole concept of Dirty Love, the bike show is a casual affair as well. As long as your bike is pre 84 all is good, park it up on the grass, but we also look if you have some earlier chopped up rad looking bikes and see if they make with the era of this show. Official photos of the bike show are done by Nadine Anderson Photography, and I must say its great to catch up with her every year. “Oh I almost forgot”, as with every year, we got our crew shirts, and yes they were green, we can have any colour we want, as long as it's green. lol

For what it is worth, it’s my belief there is something at Dirty Love for everyone. You into bikes, we got them, into pageants of sweet ladies, come right this way, yep big tick there. Artwork yep we have that hanging up and airbrushing taken place for you to enjoy, take in or get something painted up, you bet we do. Kids need entertainment jumping castle and some power in a cup slushies. Vendors stalls with bibs and bobs and bikes and paint. It would not be right of me not to mention the food, it was delicious, and there is plenty of that for all to partake and refreshments. Food supplied by Paco’s Taco's, Carolina Kitchen and the Island Snack Shack can't recommend them highly enough if you’re after some delicious tucker can’t go past these foodies.

Dirty Love Show is held at the Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Motorcycle Club ground which is very expansive you never feel crowded at this venue, and it is a licenced venue. A big shout out to the guys and gals of the VV & V MC without you guys it would be a lot harder. You have plenty of places for shade and seating. Throw done seats were available under shading, If you needed a break from the hustle or bustle or just want a to go for a casual walk, you can go down near the creek and walk around the camping area.  See there it is simple and laid back have fun.  Also, I can’t forget all the sponsors that threw all sorts of items in for raffles and such, awesome stuff without it this wouldn’t happen. To the supporters that bought the supporter packs well as was said on stage without all you guys this event wouldn’t be the same without your support and all involved are thankful for your generosity.

The bikes were from all spectrums of the customizers wildest dreams the photos that accompany this write up will speak volumes and fill the gaps way more than what I can describe. Choppers, Bobbers, Innovative, Rat, to Classic. Pans, Shovels, Iron Heads, Trumpys Bonneville engined creations,  Honda 4 engined and Yamaha engined machines as well,  have a look see at the photos click the link that says View Photos Here. They were spectacular sights these bikes and blow the minds of those that look on. Heaps turned up, as the grass area was full of all shapes and sizes and the people made their way through the bikes looking and discussing the mods that had been done, others sat on the cool grass and chatted and laughed.

Miss Dirty Love pageant had a collection of contestants involved this year as years gone by. These ladies must spend so much time on their hair, makeup and clothes. I really do take my hat off to these gals. They photograph so well, and on the bikes, they look the part of that era. Official photos of the Miss Dirty Love was by Grayspar Images. A mate made a comment to me that we have seen some of these bikes new on the dealer's floor…  Oh boy, do you know how old that makes me feel I said, as we both laughed?

There was a constant flow of bikes right up to the cut off of registration around 2 O’clock. So once that was done it was now all in the hands of Justin from Pop Bang fame to do the judging on these machines, let's just say im glad it's him and not me. All the while the music was playing and folks were eating, drinking, talking, having great ol time, as it was a sea of smiles and laughter as far as the eye could see. The jumping castle never stopped as you could hear the screams of joy from the children enjoying themselves. Which made me say to myself these kids are outdoors and not a computer screen in sight, see, it can still be done.

The bikes in the parking area were packed so much, so they had to start using the other grassed area where the cenotaph is, when that happens you just know you have the numbers. Judging of Miss Dirty Love was progressing, and the judging of the bikes continued it was around 4 o’clock the winners of the pageant, and Miss Dirty Love for 2017 was announced, and the bike trophies were given to the winners.  The bike games started slow but finished in a fury of blokes showing their skills or lack of them, that might have had something to do with the time of the day and the proximity of the bar, I think you get my drift…After all that had happened the place was emptying slowly while other were getting ready for the after party and making sure they had their drink tickets as Sailor Jerry had again this year donated a good supply of their delicious spiced rum.

So before we knew it, the sun had gone the music grew louder, and the Sailor Jerrys rum flowed while the after the party had commenced.  A few of us partook in some Island Shack tucker a finger licking lip smacking lamb gravy roll, and a hot cup of coffee went done oh so well. All the while watching folks having a huge time yelling and yahooing, singing and dancing. The Dirty Love Crew of volunteers were taking the weight of our feet and reflecting on what an incredibly fantastic day we just had. The atmosphere was ever encapsulating this moment in time and capped off a wonderful day.

A big shout out to all the Dirty Love Crew give yourself a big pat on the back for a top job well done. For a lot of us, we didn’t want the day to finish we wanted more of this exhilarating feeling I and others had from absorbing all the positive vibes through out the day.

Well, it was close to 10pm by now when a mate and myself said our goodbyes and wished all a good night, geared up and disappeared. Another huge day that was spent with like minded folk from an ever expanding awesomely addictive breed of customizers and Kustom Kulturests.

So, until we meet again, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

Write-up & Photos & Video

By Steve Prickle © All rights reserved

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