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Solo blast up to the Obi Obi Bike Show

The day started a few days before when I sent a few texts out to some blokes, I know, with an invite to go for a run to drop into the Obi Obi bike show to see what all the fuss was about. It seemed by all the responses I got saying,....

“hey sorry man can’t make it”, that they all have a life outside of motorcycles, well more than me that is. So the answer for me was to go it alone, to go my own way, so to speak which is cool with this little black duck.

Woke up Sunday morning looking forward to the day ahead. Got the usual morning to does out of the road packed up the bike with some camera gear and kissed the missus goodbye as she and the dog were on gate duty. Wasn’t too many on the roads which is grouse as I like the road to myself. Up the highway to take the Kilcoy exit. Oh, by the way, today was my first time trying out using google maps. So, as well as my favourite tunes playing away I had what turned out to be an annoying chicks voice telling me what to do. Folks that know me would be saying right about now this going to be a tale to tell, and how will it end…

To start off with let's call it the voice of Google, as I have enough voices in my head of my own lol. She said to me take this exit hmm so far so good, I may get to where I’m going without seeing more of Australia than I planned too. You see I am a curious old soul and when I see roads leading off to the right and to the left of me, it starts me wondering where they might go and sometimes I just get this natural urge to go exploring.  We will continue as planned as I plotted all the waypoints to get me to where I wanted to go, well, so I thought. Still not too many on the road, so I was enjoying myself bopping along, my singing couldn’t have been too bad could not hear any dogs howling, whistling and tapping the feet in time to the music thinking of and planning all the shots I was to take. I was also wondering why the voice had been so quiet after the turnoff just outside of Woodford. When out of the blue the voice of Google sayeth to me, turn left in so many metres.

So, I have now started a conversation with myself, saying why, whats there, that’s not the way I would have gone, what the lord of maps found for me.  Has it miraculously found a better way for me, maybe, let's see, cause again my flaming curiosity gets the better of me, and I turn left? Well, im slipping along and google tells me to vera to the right then turn right, so again this getting told by a machine with a cute voice is not sitting well at all. But yes I did as I was told, all the time thinking where the hell am I going? Now my paranoia has kicked in, is this some plan to get me out the back of nowhere and do terrible things to me oh boy how my mind works. I am also at this stage looking around and thinking I would now be parallel with the original road I was told to leave, what is going on here. Just I said that the voice tells me to head southwest then another command head south south west, well folks I must be at sea getting nautical commands like this.

So I did what any sane person or should I say any lost person would do by this stage and pulled over, thinking how reasonably sane could I be listening to a voice telling where to go I thought. I looked around as I put my spectacles on and took a look at what this google map was up to. Picture this, I’m on the side of the road, alongside my bike spectacles on trying to create some shade so this blind bugger can see the screen on my phone. A car was approaching, as it got closer, I could see that it was a  Mum, Dad and the kids as it slowed to a stop, the driver asked was I alright? Yes, I replied, just a bit lost, thanks for stopping. Before he took off, I said are you off for a day out with the family, he replied yep off into Kenilworth. Oh, so you can't get to Kenilworth in the direction miss google had me going, no was his answer, go back the way you come in and continue on the road you turned off of, I knew Iwhere I had gone wrong listening to a bloody machine.

I followed them back to the road then into Cannondale and gave them a toot and a down low wave as I went past them and continued on a way I had ridden for many years. On arrival at Kenilworth, I noticed both sides of the road lined up with bikes all parked up, by the looks of all this motorcycle traffic, the pub and eateries would be making a killing. This once again just shows how reliant these mum and dad businesses rely on the weekend motorcycle trade.

Just on the outskirts of town, the voice tells me I’ve to reach my destination, which I hadn't as Obi Obi is a little further down the road but hey at least it didn’t try to get me lost again. On I went, the scenery gets nice around this area and the mountains for the amount of rain we have had which is very little all of the landscape were still green. Wasn’t very long when the voice of direction told me my latest destination is on my right, well she was right the Obi Obi Hall surely was on my right, and there were bikes everywhere. When you think about it having a bike show on a road that is frequented by hundreds of bikes any day of the weekend you really can't lose, it is a bit like if you build it, they will come as long as it's not out of their way to get to.

So I pulled into the driveway and was directed to park it up in the paddock, she was pretty packed, so I ask old mate that was directing the traffic to lift the tape, and I will make my own way through the bikes, so that’s what he did…. thanks, mate. The paddock was a working paddock by the looks of all the cow pats, I found an excellent park and placed a piece of timber I spotted, to throw under the side stand, to stop any sinkage.  The bike was stable, so I was happy. I  then started to unwire myself from the voice from google and put my phone on the power bank I brought along, an hour later phone was fully charged. Technology can be good, well that is what I keep telling myself, hey I still ride a bike with carburettors, for me when it comes to technology, it is baby steps, baby steps I tells ya lol….

Five bucks to get in, now that’s awesome no it really is…. Personally and this is just my opinion for what it's worth, bike events and rides these days, I think are getting a bit out of hand in the price department. Most shows, events, or rides are $25 upwards, and some are really frightening. So I, as I would imagine others do, is to pick and choose what you go to or better still what you can afford to go to.

Anyway enough of that, the crowd was ever growing, but you didn’t feel crowded. Of us that take photos, we just have to be patient, as a lot of folks don’t see blokes with big cameras sizing up to take a shot, no actually they don't it is usually their wives that apologise.  It's all right I say, or I get in an “its like kids in a lolly shop” or an “all that these blokes see are the bikes” hahaha. Which if im honest, I to will only see what I am trying to frame up in a shot and only see that, so give and take, isn't that the way. There were quite a few bikes in the show but more in the paddock of parking that’s what it's like these days, as some of these bikes parked up out in the paddock could have been in the show. Anyway made my way around trying to take shots that would show folks what was happening. When it got to crowed to get the shots I wanted, I took a break grabbed a bottle of water to quench my thirst and had a chat to whoever was near.  There were a few old Shovels, Knuckles and the likes cause there old, they cant be new, now can they?I do remember some of those bikes new on the dealer's floor thanks again to a mate of mine for imprinting that in my heads sd card from a few shows back. As I continued my way haphazardly through the people and the bikes on show,  I could hear the rumble of a pack of bikes in the distance. The sound was getting louder as they made their way along the road, so I made my way to a viewing point, as they came closer I could see it was the Celtic Warlocks and a few others as well. So got a few shots of them entering to park up. I had finished most of my shots by the time they had made their way into the show. So over I went to say my hellos and such, got to talking with a few of them. They asked who I had ridden up with? I explained that all the blokes I tried were busy, so I had gone it alone… naturally. So an hour or so had passed since they had arrived, and I felt it was time for me to take off, had the shots I wanted, and I had not decided which way I was going to travel on the homeward leg of the trip.

Said hooroo (goodbye)and headed for my bike which by this time was covered in a light dust. Got all the gear on, miss google was quite so I checked seems I didn’t have any phone service, so no waypoints were being seen, I did plan a few new roads that I hadn't travelled before, oh well such is life. So if I missed the turnoffs so what, so I winged it to be quite honest, I couldn’t be bothered with technology by this stage. I just wanted the wind in my face, so the call was made no miss google for the trip home, oh how a paper map stuck to your tank with hundred mile an hour tape was so much simpler. Got out of the paddock and back out to the road took it slow to warm her up and to get myself comfortable for the ride.

A little way down the track I wondered what the time was, as you do, then it dawned on me ya silly bugger, I had installed a clock, yes folks a clock on a bike it’s a cold day in hell indeed. After nearly being done at a few school zones for the umpteenth time for not knowing the time it was. I thought it was cheap insurance. Now I’ve heard folks say time stands still when you ride I have said it myself. Well, either it was still twenty-five to eleven, and I have plenty of time, or my new clock had run short of battery power. So once my old eyes could focus and get a glance of the second hand frozen in its place, I believe the battery was dead. All was forgotten after travelling up the Obi Obi pass if you.’ve never done it it's highly recommended as this road has tight bends and a gradient a billy goat could fall on, and he is the highlight it's one way yep you’ve got it all to yourself. After that bit of a rush, I road along thinking of those turns. I took fuel on at Mapleton at the BP, the attendant there is such an unhappy shod, I had some trouble with my card, which he didn’t want to help out with, so cash it was. Do you see a pattern with good old technology folks and me? Back on the road down through Montville sleepy ol town to say the least. Once I got to the T intersection, I turned towards Melany, which in hindsight I should have turned the other way as I had planned to go to Bald Knob and through some back roads. Eventually, I got myself back onto Kilcoy-Beerwah Rd as I scooted along there, I noticed a sign up ahead that read Commissioners Flat Rd now that rings a bell of one of the roads I had planned to travel, so blinker on, down a few and into some unknown territory. It was the way I wanted, so it wasn’t long, and I come across Cove Rd. That was another road I needed, yep, turned there and got up to speed, and to my surprise, I also got some dirt road which wasn’t in to bad a shape. Then some houses come into view and bitumen, but that wasn’t to last too long and back into the dirt. The Trumpy I ride, a Speedmaster it doesn’t mind the dirt,  but being back in the dirt brought back some wonderful memories of riding with a really top mate of mine Dawg. For a while there we couldn’t seem to go on a road trip without hitting the dirt, he really was a dirt magnet. As I come out of the memory flashback I was back onto bitumen, I slowed as a road on my left took my eye, I read the road sign it said Old Cove Rd yep needed her. So a quick left and away I went again with the pipes belting out a note, with bits of dirt road thrown in, it was a real pleasure to mix the ride up a bit. A short while later and this path brought me back to the D’agular highway and on into Woodford. I really did wish there was more of these different roads, next time I will make sure of it. I have made a mental note of those roads as my soul is in need of new paths to ride yet to still get to the same destinations. I stopped at the Woodford pie shop as the toilets are just over the road as my bladder was giving me a message and the roughness of the dirt wasn’t helping.

As I parked up I hear a voice, no it’s not who you think it’s not that google chic, it turned out to be a bloke I have known for a little while now Tophat Tony. It took a bit for me to recognise him as im not used to seeing him on a bike I generally see him with no shirt and a top hat and a tin collecting money for kids with cancer. We chattered for a while, I told him why I stopped, and he said he wouldn’t hold me up any longer, and he was off, and I did make it to the loo in time. Had a stretch and decided I wouldn’t go Mt Mee way home and just head back to the Highway and home.

On the motorway trip, it was that time of the afternoon when you get a tad weary, so to keep myself amused by getting into my music and tapping a foot or both. I was also having a wander around or maybe a better way to describe it might be to say I was doing slalom in my own lane of course. I was making my way through the traffic and doing as I described, moving around my own lane, after a while, you know how you feel something may not be right. Well for starters nothing was going past me, that’s was strange, but hey that’s a good thing, I then checked my mirrors, and it seemed I must have had the other road users a bit worried. They were way back and not wanting to get any closer to me, well I tell you, that was hilarious, I laughed that much my stomach hurt. So the rest of the way on the motorway was pretty much a non-event, then into the back roads and home.

Anyway, folks if you're up Obi Obi way give this show a look see it was a laid back easy going show. I did hear from a few say that the food cues were too long and such as I say this about any show you have an ebb and flow of folks wanting food and drink. I didn’t have any trouble in the time I was there and after some water. Maybe it is all in the timing, or maybe more foodies might be needed if this show continues to grow the way it has over the last two years.

You get a good ride to this show whichever way you are coming from and the same going home. It’s a good day of riding broken up with a bike show, now how can you beat that so keep your eyes out for next year I would think it would be on around the same time of year…

So, until we meet again, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

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