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Quick Ride Down to the Eliminators Show.

Sitting back on a bright spring Sunday morning slowly going the usual Facebook and social media, when I got a text off a mate of mine ol’Chops asking was I going to the Eliminators show today. Geez hadn't even thought that far ahead,....

so my answer was a question, why whats happening? He replied that a mutual mate Trev was getting to his place at 10am, and they both were headed for the show. Ok, I replied yep sounds like a plan, see you at your joint around that time too.

Looked at the timepiece it was 9 o'clock so grabbed my glasses and switched the shed power on, started the compressor checked tyre pressures. What is it with tyres these days, a few days and they need air or was I just a slack prick in my younger years. Tyres all done, while I was there threw a bit of polish on a rag and gave the bike a once over, that FW1 polish really is the ducks nuts in clean, polish it’s a wash and polish all in one, and it really does work well.

Sweating like a pig by now as this day was forecasted as the start of a heatwave, yep in spring, this weather is crazy. So quick shower to cool off grabbed camera gear and packed it up and head for Chops' joint. Stuff all traffic, as its back roads near all the way. Turned into is culdesac and see Trev knocking on the front door. As we were saying our g’days, Chops come down the side of the house saying he just had to fix some wiring, no not on the bike as I thought as well. It was in the chicken coop seems one of his border collies loves chicken crap, so after the second layer wiring job, lets hope that sorted that problem.

So once that was finished wasn’t long and we were away getting some breeze happening. Onto the M1 and down a bit, the traffic slowed seems another accident had occurred when reading the electronic signage. We slowed and started filtering down between the other vehicles. It still amazes me that either vehicle operators don’t know the road rules, which they should as lane filtering is a legal manoeuvre, or they are just ignorant selfish human beings that cant handle the fact we might get in front of them. This attitude really does need adjusting, and my boots are up for that job if required. Anyway, we got out of that shit fight, and few kilometres down the road you wouldn’t believe it yep another slowdown WTF. Well, I suppose it is Sunday folks are just dreaming and piling up, didn’t have far to go to get to the exit from the M1 and headed into Beenleigh to the show grounds where the show is being held. Found the entrance and paid the 5 dollar entry and we parked up on a grassy knoll… no… not that one, wherein Australia remember. From this advantage point, you got a good view of the whole event, ripper…

Was pleasantly surprised to see what was happening, swap meet one end, and wow there was a heap of hot rods, customised cars and bikes for as far as one could see. So went in first up grabbed a bottle of water and we spread out like a pack of kids in a lolly shop. I hadn't been to this show for a few years as there was an incident that happened quite a few years back, that the organisers made a decision of no more bike clubs and bikes, so that is why I had not been here for some time.

But it seemed to have grown in that time which is just fantastic to see the art of car & bike customising is still at fever pitch, and the older and younger guys are still as keen to continue with this tradition. Was hot as hey but with bright light leads to some sweet photos, no touch ups just straight out of the camera. Was way cool to run into a couple of mates Tony and King to see them here on the day, as I thought they would have been at the drags but like they said it’s too bloody hot, well it is to run good times. Tony had entered his highly modified Kawasaki named JaffR in the show. I was also introduced to a couple of blokes that know their stuff and were funny as all get out, which was really refreshing. The crowd wasn’t too major at this time of the day, but we did arrive a little late in the day as a few were peddling their way out.

Anyway blasted my shots I wanted then got out of the sun, filled up with some water and made my way home. The other fellas were heading up to deception bay to have a look at a blokes collection.

Well folks anybody into seeing some cool custom jiggers, get yourself along to next years Eliminators Show you won't be disappointed. Never know the custom bug might just bite you and get you into doing this tricky stuff, you never know till ya go…..

Here some tasty photos to wet your appetite, see them all on the link below.

So, until we meet again, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, ride well and watch out for those damn cars.

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