Sep 20, 2008 - Posted by: chopsspl

Patriots Moreton Bay Kin Kin Run

Saturday - Up early, club ride, overnighter to Kin Kin. Met the crew up at the clubhouse around 7:30am. Had a brew and talked some crap until around 8:30am.

We headed off up north. First stop, Big Bear Choppers at Maroochydore. The shop put on Bangers in bread for us... Some top bikes there. Found a possible new one. Popped across the road to Sunshine Coast Harley. Hmmm... Not quite the same as Big Bear...

Eventually, we headed off to Eumundi, pulled up at the pub... the girls headed off to the Markets, some of us survived not being dragged through the pain.. Some not so lucky... Once all returned back from shopping we had lunch at the Pub then headed out to a mate of mines place that is up the back of Eumundi... What can I say about this place... Every time I visit I struggle to's like some kind of Oasis with it's own pub with plenty of home brew... After a few huge sample glasses of Home Brew we got back on the bikes and headed on up the road.

It was a top ride out through the back of Eumundi and through Pomona and up in to Kin Kin.. We all even managed to get through the Booze Bus at Pomona.. The cops where pretty decent about it.. One of them even knew Bones (RIP)... We checked out the pub... what a top place.. plenty of money has been spent here recently... The crew set up camp and then they got stuck in to the beers/bourbons... I hung around till about 5pm and then headed back to Brissy as I had plenty that I wanted to do on Sunday... It's was a decent ride home.. Fast, with no incidents.!! How I like it..!  

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