May 7, 2010


Delivering on an Australian Government election commitment, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Alan Griffin today released the Consultation Paper for the Review of War Caused Disabilities and Pharmaceutical Costs and encouraged veterans to have their say on its findings.
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VA020 - Friday, 7 May 2010

“The Government has a long standing commitment to these veterans to review the costs associated with treatment from their war-caused or related conditions,” Mr Griffin said.

“The widening gap between the pharmaceutical safety net and the allowances available to veterans for medicines for war caused conditions has been recognised by this Review.”

The Review determined that it was not possible to meet the Government’s commitment to directly link veterans’ pharmaceutical use to their war caused disabilities.  However, two options have been identified which are still in keeping with the Government’s commitment.  Both options go beyond the Government’s commitment for many of the veterans affected.

Importantly, the Review also identified the value of the pharmaceutical copayment in promoting the quality use of medicines in the community, and sustaining the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

“I encourage the veteran community to read the Consultation Paper and carefully consider its findings.  It is important that veterans have their say on a preferred way forward and I encourage them to do so by making a submission,” Mr Griffin said.

Submissions for individuals and ex-service organisations are currently open and will close on Friday, 18 June 2010.

The Consultation Paper for the Review of War Caused Disabilities and Pharmaceutical Costs is available at

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