May 6, 2010


The Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Alan Griffin, today strongly rejected claims that Australian veterans would be worse off under the Rudd Government tax reforms.
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VA019 - Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mr Griffin said these claims were not only false, but irresponsible
given the potential distress this could cause to veterans and their

"Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs Louise Markus should read the
Government's press release, issued on 2 May 2010, before making false
allegations that any reductions in pension indexation are being even
considered as part of responding to the Henry Tax Review, and to
recommendation 84 in particular," Mr Griffin said.

"Veterans' pensions will not by affected by the Henry Tax Review.

"The Government's press release of 2 May 2010 categorically states that
it has rejected any reduction in the indexation of pensions in response
to recommendation 84 of the report into Australia's Future Tax System.

"Veterans know, even if Louise Markus does not, that the rate of service
pensions is the same as the age pension paid by Centrelink. The link is
firmly established in the Veterans' Entitlements Act and the Social
Security Act.

"The Government will not reduce the current indexation arrangements for
veterans' pensions, including disability pensions and war widows/ers'
pensions," Mr Griffin said.

The Government strengthened indexation arrangements in September last
year as part of the Australian Government's Secure and Sustainable
Pension Reforms and pensioners are already benefitting from a higher
level of indexation.

All veterans' pensions will continue to be indexed by the higher of the
Consumer Price Index or the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index
and then brought up to the Male Total Average Weekly Earnings benchmark
if necessary.

* See the Government's 2 May release here -

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