Oct 11, 2010


The new Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, was in Hervey Bay today to meet with local veteran groups to discuss their concerns and ways to better work together in the future.
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Monday, 11 October 2010   VA051    

Opening the National Association of Extremely Disabled War Veterans National Conference, Mr Snowdon said he had a great respect for Australia’s veterans and looked forward to working with the ex-service community to build and improve on Federal Government support.

“I will spend time listening to veterans’ views and ideas and I promise I will take up this post with vigour, determination, energy and 100 per cent commitment,” Mr Snowdon said.

He said investment in veterans entitlements has risen substantially in the past three years, with spending increasing by more than $1.1 billion to $12.1b since Labor came into power.

“I will continue the hard work of the Labor Government to date in delivering the highest level of support available to the veteran community,” he said.

Mr Snowdon brings defence experience to the Veterans’ Affairs portfolio, previously serving as Minister for Defence Science and Personnel in 2007.

He said his deep appreciation for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs portfolio also stemmed from a long and proud family service history.

“Veterans hold a very special place in the hearts of all Australians, myself included,” Mr Snowdon said.

“My grandfather was a light horseman in Egypt during the First World War. His three brothers fought in Gallipoli and on the Western Front.

“My father was part of the second commandoes, which served in East Timor in 1942 as a guerrilla unit. I had the pleasure of attending the past two Anzac Day ceremonies in East Timor to commemorate this.”

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