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Vietnam Veterans MC - Words By Huck (VVMC Qld)

The Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club, Queensland Chapter (VVMC QLD), was established to provide social and welfare support for motorcyclists who are Vietnam Veterans. VVMC QLD was officially formed on 18 Aug 1990 (Vietnam Veterans Day, which is also known as Long Tan Day) in ANZAC Square in Brisbane. At that time the club consisted of just seven members. Today, VVMC QLD now numbers 60 patched members and has been responsible for ‘spawning’ another eight VVMC Chapters within Queensland.

VVMC QLD is not only a motorcycle club, but is also recognised by DVA as being an Ex-Service Organisation and Welfare Group. As such, the club now has three trained advocates who provide FREE Welfare, Pension and Advocacy support to soldiers and families from ALL previous conflicts.

The club operates a drop-in centre, affectionately known as ‘The Bunker’ at 132 Meakin Rd, Kingston. This is where members, their families and visitors can call in anytime to socialise or just take time out to relax. Many members have physical and psychological problems which are related to their active service in Vietnam. They are comfortable in the company of fellow veterans who understand the how the stresses of modern living can accentuate their feeling of isolation. While the club was originally established to provide welfare and support of its Vietnam Veteran members and their families, the Chapter also offers the same support for veterans of more recent wars such as Rwanda, Somalia, Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

The Bunker is the focal point for fundraising. These funds go to:

  • Maintaining the Welfare and Advocacy Service,
  • Maintaining the property,
  • Supporting local charities including Multicap, RSL Homes, Legacy, etc, and
  • The Logan Community Cadets.


For more information regarding VVMC QLD, it’s services and functions go to


The Beginning: In early 1992, advertisements appeared in Western Australian bike shops and motorcycle sections of local newspapers asking for Vietnam Veterans and other service people interested in starting a motor cycle club.

On July 10th of that year the inaugural meeting of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club commenced. After some discussion a committee was formed and various items of business discussed. From that first meeting in 1992 began the club that was to evolve into the "Veterans Motorcycle Club (VMC)".

After a few minor hiccups including a few various changes to the committee, the club started to settle down and get on with establishing itself in the local bike scene, runs were organized and in 1994 Members felt the club was in a position to hold a raffle. First prize would be a Harley Davidson, part proceeds being donated to Royal Perth Hospital for specialized equipment necessary in the intensive care unit. This practice continues today with members being involved in assisting with a variety of charities in Perth.

In 1995, after three years of meeting at various venues including member’s houses, the Club was offered premises suitable for use as a clubhouse. After not too much discussion the Club moved to Lord St East Perth, remaining at this location for just over two years. Whilst in these premises members organised and carried out the "Show and Shine” bike and custom car shows which where held down at the Fremantle terminal, the club established themselves on the local scene.

1997 proved to be eventful for the club. Members of Nollamara RSL approached the club, offering an area alongside the RSL upon which a VMC clubhouse could be constructed. This was accepted, plans submitted to council and after approval was granted, members began to build a clubhouse for themselves. The club Colours were seen out and about on a few occasions (sort of testing the waters with other clubs). The club decided to swing 100% Harley Davidson Motorcycles to ensure no problems within the local scene. This was a step towards getting the Colours out on the roads. Eventually in 1998 this proved successful and the Skull and Slouch Hat were proudly seen on the back of vests.

In 2000 a realization based on the Vietnam Veterans premise, the club would have a limited life span. Talks were carried out amongst various State Chapters and it was agreed that the "Vietnam Veterans MC” would become the "Veterans MC" opening the doors to all "servicemen" regardless of service. Western Australia seized this opportunity to expand and move into the future!

Note: To date Western Australia is the only State running "Veterans MC" on the top rocker.

Currently: Veterans MC Australia still believes that CASPER (the skull and slouch hat patch) should be made available to all servicemen who were prepared to risk it all for this country. Significant changes to existing clubs need to be made to achieve this; it also requires commitment, effort and may result in conflict. Unfortunately prospective members have been taking the soft and easy option by starting new clubs instead of forming together as a strong reasoned group under the banners that already exist. In line with this belief the Veterans MC has and will continue to show its opinion on the opening of any additional  Military Motorcycle Clubs in Western Australia.

Veterans MC Australia fully supports Patriots Australia Inc (A “Social” Military Motorcycle Club), as there is a need for those who wish to belong to a more relaxed (social) club, but would still like to enjoy the mate ship that the forces gave and still give.

The VMC club house is licensed and open to all on any Friday night. The club has many hang arounds that either don’t have the commitment or just enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie.  There are often events held at the club house with all welcome, most of which do not cost to attend, details of these are placed on the clubs website.

Membership is not simply filling out a form. A club of this nature requires dedication therefore there are certain requirements that need to be met. If you want to fill in a form on the Friday and wear a patch on the Monday then you are looking at the club for the wrong reasons. Visit the crew and ask some questions, you may be surprised as many others have.

For further information on the Veterans Motorcycle Club Australia, please visit our website: or drop in any Friday night and introduce yourself ?