A little bit of a story about me (Chops) ... I was originally a Geelong Boy (Victoria, Australia), born and Bred, but Back in 1988, I kicked off a career in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), where I spent 12 years working and enjoying myself in the very unique world of the Royal Australian Submarine Squadron (I qualified on and spent many years on Oberon Class Submarines) yes, I was, or is that still am a... Submariner (retired). For the most part of my time in I was a Cook (Chef/Tucker F#@ker/Fitter & Turner, etc, etc). A job I fully enjoyed..!

For some reason after about 8 1/2 years I decided to change over to the Communications Branch (Radio Operator - RO), not sure why I did it, maybe it was because I'd been sitting stagnant in South Australia waiting for my new sub to hit the water (I was part of the Trials crew for the new Collins Class Submarines, HMAS Collins (Trials Crew) & HMAS Farncomb (Trials & Commisioning Crew)), or maybe it was the lure of top money, but either way, after completing my training, I soon found myself very  bored with the job. So instead of sitting around bitching, I paid off (left the Navy) in mid 2000.

With the Navy I’d had the opportunity to live in most States in Australia, but upon my exit from the ADF, I chose to settle in Brisbane, Queensland, where I began my new life outside of the Defence Force. It took a bit of adjusting and a hell of a lot of hard work, there was some loss's along the way, jobs, friends and a marriage, but hey, I’m all for the better for all of it, cause now I’m married to not only a beautiful woman, but also a very supportive and inspiring one, and I’m also lucky enough to have 4 fantastic kids (3 daughters and a Son), add to that a top bunch of solid (sometimes krusty) mates, and life couldn't be any more perfect, but hey, I also always look forward to meeting and making many more new friends in the future !

So, here I am today, living and working in Wonderful Queensland, where I get to enjoy a place where the weather is so good, I can ride to work during the week and then get out there again and live it up riding all over this beautiful countryside on the weekends, sharing all of this with my beautiful wife, daughters, son, family and friends !!!

I have always loved photography, and as I grew up around British and American motorcycles & cars via my Dad, Uncles and his mates who either had or loved Bikes & Hot Rods, it was inevitable that they would also be a big part of my life..! I also came across bike, car & truck mags such as Easyrider, Hot Rod Magazine, Truckin’ Life and others of the same ilk in my early teens, and knew from an early age, that I wanted to be a part of the scene !

Now, I’ve had a few old cars here and there, but not any that could be classified as a Hot Rod, but I do one day yearn to own a sweet looking Rat Rod or trick old truck, Van or Ute, well that’s the dream vehicle's on my wish list anyway !

In regard to bikes, well like most people as a kid I teethed myself on Dirt bikes, Eventually moving up to road bikes once old enough and organised enough to get my bike licence, having a few off’s here and there, my biggest one on a mates borrowed GPX 250 (I wrote off the front end via a Toyota Hilux Bull Bar.. and yep.. it hurt..). I eventually moved on to ownership of a Harley Davidson or two, fulfulling one of my life long dreams, I also caretake my Dad's HD WLA GE750, an Ex-Los Angeles Police Bike/Trike, as he passed away back in 1999 and I've proudly looked after it ever since, I also look forward to ownership of many more bikes (The Older and Greasier, the better), or is that just my wish list in play again !

My love of Bikes, Hot Rods & Kustom Kulture is for all it has to offer, the freedom and enjoyment these provide. The smile on my face as I hang out with like minded folks, or cruise the open roads, attend events, all of these things, allowing me to meet other great peoples and see the great country side and landscape that is on offer here in AUS ! Cruising, hanging out and partying together, no matter what walk of life your from ! It's my kind of world, one with out all the other pressures that are forced in to our lives !

Some may ask, "How or Why did Chops's Place come about ?", Well, Here's the story, during the 1990's whilst still in the Navy I attended as many shows as I could, whenever I could (when I was home/in port), I always looked forward to taking photos so that I could later reflect on all the good times and the beautiful machinery that I had experienced in my travels.

Then around 2007/2008 after being settled in Brisbane for some time and now doing a heap of riding and attending shows & runs around my local area, where I always managed to take a tonne of photos (the Digital era) folks always asked if I was able to organise some way for them to view/see them, so I decided to start work on a website, where I could share all my experiences proudly with the rest of my family and friends !

In the middle of 2008, I launched Chops's Place under a sub-domain, then by September of that same year, due to a very surprisingly quick burst of popularity, I moved it to its own domain (www.chopssplace.com.au).

Then it just grew, and grew, and grew, eventually becoming a monster and very hard to manage. I originally built the site via manual coding, which meant a lot of manual updates and it didn’t help that there was a tonne of pages all swinging off of each other, which made the site itself a lot of hard work to keep it continually updated, but I realized very quickly that it was most certainly a site worth continuing, as it had now not only become a great forum to share my photos & stories, but it was also a great medium to support the Motorcycle, Hot Rod & Kustom Kulture Community !

In late 2009 I started looking for a more sustainable solution to allow me to manage the site easier and hopefully offer more, which eventually evolved in to what you now see here today, which I launched in May 2010, something I'm very proud off, but haven't yet finished with, because I want more from it and more for you !

In early 2011 I added an Online Forum (Originally Named 'The Hub'), to provide a place for folks to get together, away from the many other very specific forums out there, and provide a relaxed & free environment ! 'The Grease Pit' (as it is now known), is a place Full of Kulture & Kool Info !!! The Grease Pit was retired at the end of 2015 with the Spleen Vent now being the home forum for Chops's Place.

In mid 2011 I added the Online Store, as I'd been hounded for a year or more to get my own support merchandise out there, plus I'd been purchasing a heap of Kool Kulture clothing, DVD's, Magazines, etc, etc for myself and when my mates and their friends saw the gear they all wanted a piece of it, so I thought hey, why not see if I could get it in and offer it via the site, which thankfully my great suppliers agreed to ! So with the Store.. hopefully it will assist with paying the bills of running such a site and allowing us the ability to get out to more shows (Hopefully Nationally.. and even Internationally) and also possibly the site offering even more in the future,  then it already does...!?

In Mid 2012 I announced that I'd be putting on a bike show in 2013, very specific to all the gear I love, The Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show; you can read more about it here: www.dirtyloveshow.com.au

In Late 2012 I started work on Dirty Love Magazine, an all Australian content magazine for Vintage and Hand Built Choppers, Classic & Kustom Motorcycles ! I released the first Issue online in February 2013, then published the second Issue in November 2013. You can read more about the mag here: www.dirtylovemagazine.com.au

So I hope you enjoy what you see here, in the online store, in the magazine and at the shows and that you continue to re-visit the website, because who knows what the future holds !? But what I do know, is that I’m looking forward to it !

Regards & Respect,
Jamie (Chops) Day of Chops's Place