I'd truly love to see this site take on a National and International Flavour..  so I would really enjoy some contributions from every State of Australia and especially from overseas..!? So if you can help out.. can you please make contact with me.. as I'd really look forward to hearing from you..!

A big thankyou to the following great folk... for helping me out by contributing to this little beast you see before you.... it's not a paying gig.. It's all for love and no money..! Now to you that might sound a little crazy.. but I'm guessing the great peoples who help me out, feel just as good as I do about sharing the great experiences of being part of and/or around the Motorcycle, Hot Rod & Kustom Kulture community.. if not.. well.. maybe they are just a little crazy.. and that's not such a bad thing..!?

Regards & Respect, Chops



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South East Queensland

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South East Queensland


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